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Fundbureau Hamburg, Guide & Review

An iron fence through a narrow and graffiti-covered corridor opens into a mini backyard. The gate opens and deep, warm basses just wash over your body with the presentiment and feeling of a great night. This is Fundbureau Hamburg! The club stands out for its reliable, qualitative, tried and tested ecstasy. The venue is experienced and professional, but never monotonous and gray. The club got established in the year 1998 and has always changed under the changing needs of different times – this is why the Fundbureau is capable of preserving its forever charm among people.

The Fundbureau has opposites – entertainment and aspirations, newcomers and established artists. All that combine to convert the bleak nights into the brightest days here. Added to that, you can get everything here from plays to concerts and nightly flea market to the exhibitions. The venue is the ultimate place to quench the thirsty desires of hearts. The Fundbureau is without any doubts, one of the most esteemed, established, and familiar clubs in Hamburg. You always get energy, love, and a lot of joy at the Fundbureau. While moving with the time, the club has become hip for electrifying music of all sorts. 

A friendly, master-in-craft, and well-rehearsed team extends a professional performance to all the artists with state-of-the-art sound technology. The atmosphere is quite family-oriented, which is also felt by the visitors. The best events and parties are thrown in the Fundbureau. Not only the national but globally-acclaimed guest DJs, performers and artists come by to bring you a once in a lifetime kind of entertainment.

The world-class cocktails are on offer, which are served by the nice-looking and pleasing bartenders. You can also reserve the table. So, get up and be at the Fundbureau as soon as possible to have a marriest time with your friends, family, or loved ones!

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