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G-Spot Club Tel Aviv, Guide & Review

If you are looking forward to dancing your night through with awesome relaxation and real experience G-Spot is the place to be. G-Spot is Israel’s true hip-hop club. The contemporary and fiery project of the legendary G-spot club, the Knox club group and the leading PR team “Blaza Blaze”, brings the global hip-hop scene to the hottest basement of Tel Aviv. On Thursdays from 11pm Trap and Newsco Net with all the right characters from the Tel Aviv hip-hop scene. Legendary hip-hop club since 2000.

On Fridays from 23:30, the legendary G-Spot line, which since 2000 has been playing the highest quality hip-hop in the city, from Old School through the latest Aranby Trap and also Dancehall. The residents: the DJs are the owners, and they host Juicy-Sapp, Flex, Idan Pais USA, Hebi Levy and more. ” . It is advisable to buy tickets in advance via http://bit.ly/3z7vGcz . You are assured of a great time and hip-hop and R&B Music is very great and awesome. The DJs are really good and people are extremely friendly and inspiring making the nights the most memorable.

Visit and party with G-Spot nightclub for various packed activities towards making your night out very inspiring and satisfactory. On any given night you can party to the sounds of old school and current day hip-hop, dance hall, trap and R&B with some of the best, local and international, DJ’s around. Every Friday they host one of the best hip-hop parties in town with a mix of a beautiful crowd, intoxicating atmosphere and amazing music. For those who just love to tweak and move your ass, we made a list of the best hip-hop clubs in Tel Aviv. Great vibe indeed and lovely energetic dancers Making moves that can’t avoid continued gaze and you must come and party with us. Welcome!

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