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Want  to  go  out  dancing  or  have  a  drink  surrounded  by  the  LGBT  community  then  at  Bordeaux  there  are many  gay  bars  and  nightclubs  where  you  can  have  a  good  night  out.  Bordeaux  is  a  port  city  in southwestern  France,  famous  for  its  wine,  beautiful  architecture,  great  art  museums  and  fast  growing gay  scene.  There  are  friendly  bars  for  gays,  lesbians  and  friends  with  games  and  themed  nights.   The  gay scene  in  Bordeaux  comes  alive  at  night,  with  many  gay  and  gay  friendly  clubs  downtown.  Lesbian  and Gay  Pride  Bordeaux  takes  place  each  June,  and  Cinemarges,  the  LGBT  film  festival,  has  screening throughout  the  year. Bordeaux  being  a  busy  student  city  it  is,  enjoys  an  active  gay  and  lesbian  scene  and  thousands  gather each  year  in  June  to  celebrate  the  city’s  Gay  Pride  in  March  –  an  annual  event  since  1996.  Attitudes towards  homosexuality  tend  to  be  more  conservative  in  the  wine-producing  villages  and  countryside essentially.  As  is  the  case  in  almost  every  French  city,  Bordeaux’s  lesbian  scene  is  less  public  than  its  gay male  counterpart  and  is  centered  mainly  on  women’s  cafes  and  bars.

1. L’Eclypse Bordeaux

L'Eclypse Bordeaux

Located in the heart of Bordeaux, L’Eclypse is one of the most famous establishments in town, and it will make your nights more than unforgettable! Strategically located 10 minutes from downtown L’Eclypse is known for its crazy atmosphere that lasts throughout the whole night. Few hundred meters from the Pont Saint-Jean, you can spot L’Eclypse famous sign sparkling in the beauty of the night. The discotheque was taken over three years ago, and since than it became a concept place that combines club, karaoke and retro dance activities. Interior of this nightclub is nicely decorated and feels very cozy and intimate, it is a perfect place to spend quality time with your friends while enjoying couple of drinks at their large bar.

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Since the city is on the small side, all the places to go out are in concentrated, walkable areas.. This means if you find one club overcrowded you will in a flash of a minute be in the next Latin club.

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