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Hop  Clubs  in  Bordeaux  are  located  in  an  ideal  place. The quiet  area  is  eye-catching  and  popular,  party people of Bordeaux call Mecca  of Bordeaux  night. The  clubs have  plenty  of space  to  show  off your dance moves. Rooms are  large  and  their  fluorescent appearance  will immediately  get  you  in the party  mood.   The  interior  of  the  club  is  sophisticated  and  it  features  a  dark  light  décor  and  atmosphere  that  is conducive  for dancing.  Most  of  the  clubs have  selected  clientele,  fine  atmosphere  and  great  music.

1. Black Diamond Bordeaux

Black Diamond Bordeaux

Situated in 5 Cours de l’Intendance, Bordeaux Black Diamond is the most exclusive private club in the city. Black Diamond is part of the Grand Hotel and it features cozy and intimate setting, perfect for spending an exciting evening with your friends. This place is truly an image of clientele it draws, chic and refined establishment. Box is divided into two rooms, which are always full with regulars. Black Diamond welcomes you in its cozy intimate interior that features iconic padded walls, black purple armchairs and benches. There is a smoking room and a cigar cellar at your disposal. Drink selection is top notch as you would expect from such exclusive night club, so you can choose from a wide selection of prestigious champagnes, whiskeys, vodkas and other branded alcoholic drinks as well as cocktails. Individual drinks as well as drinks by the bottle are excessively priced, they compensate that with great overall atmosphere in the establishment and by having an ingenious ice system that lets you keep your drinks cool near your table. If you book a square and bottles, you will have a seating area all to yourself. Music here ranges, and they have many resident DJs which will make you vibrate and dance to the sounds of various music genres, that range from soul to electro. If you are a wine lover, their exceptional wine menu will satisfy your prestigious taste. Prices of the wine are very high, but it is all worth it in this nice and cozy setting. Black Diamond is open from Thursday to Saturday from 12.30am to 05.00am. Atmosphere is at its peak around midnight here. They have organized various events in the past and they offer privatization of the establishment, also keep an eye for their latest events by going to their Facebook Page.

2. Théatro Bordeaux

Théatro Bordeaux

Théatro is located near the the quai de Bacalan, on 24 Rue de la Faïencerie to be exact. It is situated in an ideal place, quiet area, that is at the foot of tram B. For people that live outside the center of Bordeaux, the box offers a free shuttle service also. Place is very eye-catching and popular, party people of Bordeaux call it the Mecca of the Bordeaux night. When you enter into the club you are presented with well thought out and large space, sofas, bars and VIP areas are on the sides, which gives you plenty of space to show off your dance moves. Room is large and its fluorescent appearance will immediately get you in the party mood. Average age is closer to 30 with a very healthy mix of men and women.

3. LA PLAGE Bordeaux

LA PLAGE Bordeaux

La Plage is very known nightclub located quai de Paludate and it is known as the true institution of the night. Located neat the city center, this establishment has been in existence for over 15 years. From 2008 to the present day, club has undergone new developments and expansions. Since 2014 this venue became one of the largest night clubs in Europe, and it has 6 rooms that span over 10.000 m2. La Plage as its name suggests, features summery atmosphere with light effects and a beautiful sea décor, bars nestled in hulls of boats, palm trees and an open-air room to dance under the bright sky. Atmosphere in the largest club in the Gironde capital is mythical, and the experience is accompanied by sound and light systems of the latest generation. They have foam machines that strategically wait until the hottest point in the night, to disperse foam into the dancing crowd making the experience that much crazier.

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Hip  Hop  Clubs  in  Bordeaux  will  see  to  it  that  you  enjoy  your  evenings  in  a  good  atmosphere,  and  dance the whole night  to  the  sounds of the  Caribbean  mix.  They  feature  various local and  international  DJs.  At  Bordeaux  you  will  feel  the  warmth  of  the  night,  as  you  enjoy  tropical  music  and  great  drinks.  Their clubs  are  well  stocked  and  they  have  various  branded  drinks  as  well  as  cocktails  and  their  homemade

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