Gay & LGBT Clubs in Cardiff

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the Gay & LGBT clubs in Cardiff. (More in-depth further below)

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Partying with your friends on that one night off when everyone available is a rite of passage. So when you’re heading out for a legendary night out, you should make sure it will be one to remember. Hence, you should do your research about safe spaces especially if any of you identify as queer because you can never be too careful! This is why we have compiled a list of nightclubs in Cardiff that are only safe for LGBT and gay people but a riot to be at! Our list will provide for an amazing night out for all of you so keep on reading so you can have the night of your life.

Partying with your friends and loved ones is a rite of passage. If you’re new in a city or even just looking for a nice club in your own city, a club which matches your expectations for a wonderful night out then you have come to the right place! We have painstakingly shortlisted the 5 best Gay & LGBT Clubs in Cardiff for your amazing night out!

Without further ado:

1. Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly is the wildest club in the city of Cardiff. Activities in this club include dancing on the table and drinking shots until the early hours of the morning. Moreover, this unique club was created based on the movie itself and is the perfect spot for late nights filled with wild entertainment. In addition, the club also has tasty food and drinks options, along with pool and karaoke to create a fun and laid back environment. Moreover, the music playing in this club consists of party mashups, pop, and rock songs. Smoking area is also available. In addition, the food and drinks are also happily affordable. Lastly, the door charge varies from night to night.

2. Pryzm

PRYZM Bristol

Pryzm is an infamous nightclub that has 3 bars, 3 club rooms as well as an exclusive VIP lounge. This club is a big hit with students and young professionals. It is an ideal place for celebrating special occasions. Moreover, the club promises to play the music that will appeal to everyone. It consists of party mashups, pop, hip hop, and RnB songs. In addition, the club also has a stylish and fashionable dress code, so dress to impress and let the party take control. A dance floor is also available so get ready to dance the night away. Moreover, door charges may apply upon entrance, and entrance  is limited to people of age 18 and above

3. Popworld

Popworld Liverpool

Popworld is a disco-themed club in Cardiff that provides 2 for 1 cocktail, along with 90s tunes to get you jamming and dancing the night away. Moreover, there is also a LED dance floor that lights up, on which people participate in Macarena dancing as well. In addition, the walls are a bright candy cane-color with neon lights flashing all around. Private booths are also available in case of a more intimate affair. Furthermore, the club also hosts various themed events such as emoji night and beach nights.

4. Story Nightclub

Story Nightclub Cardiff

Story Nightclub like the name suggests will give you a night to talk about for years to come. The club is happening and claims to be the next chapter in Cardiff’s nightlife scene. The entire club has a story to tell and has a modernistic vibe. The music played at the club depends on the theme night and the DJ as the club has a lot of those. The dress code is chic and the crowd is usually young. The entire vibe of the club is fun and carefree and you could have a roaring good time here.

5. Pulse

Pulse Cardiff

Pulse is an LGBT friendly club in Cardiff which has a very diverse clientele. While on Sundays, the club hosts drag brunches much like many clubs around the world tend to do, on Saturday nights they tend to invite the hottest DJs in the country to come and play at their venue. The food at Pulse is surprisingly amazing and is available all day. The club has a separate bar area where you can unwind with your friends and a separate clubbing area where you can dance your worries away. The club has a semi-formal/chic dressing policy which you should adhere to in order to not face any problems at the door.

In Conclusion

Clubbing is an essential part of a fun night out. And with our list of clubs in Cardiff that are LGBT friendly, you can ensure a great time out while being safe from bigotry!