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Cologne welcomes all regardless of their sexuality. The LGBT/Gay clubbing scene is split into two areas. The young visit Schaafenstrasse for fun, whereas the mature audience prefers the Heumarkt area. Both the places have their specialities you can pick according to your taste. In addition, various bars, nightclubs and restaurants are also available here. From time to time, the clubs also organize weekend parties where you can chill or hookup with potential partners. Finding the right club in the Bermuda Triangle can be prettytricky, which is why we have specifically compiled a list of Cologne’s hottest LGBT clubs.

1. Bootshaus Cologne

Are you in the mood for good music, exuberant mood and long party nights beyond all scene conventions? Then off to the boathouse, which has blossomed in recent years to the top address of German clubbing culture. This has to do with the outstanding musical program, because here are the international superstar DJs from weekend to weekend. As a result of the varied musical orientation, hardly a night resembles the other, depending on the event one can dance to euphoric house sounds, let go of rough electro sounds or drift off into the morning with booming techno basses. 

In Conclusion

Cologne offers complete protection to the LGBT community.The people here are friendly and tolerant. Various music genres have prospered in this city, from jazz to techno; everything can be found in Cologne. You don’t have to worry about listening to unpleasant music; just pick a venue that is in line with your taste, get appropriately dressed and dance the night away. Our recommended LGBT/Gay clubs have a stellar reputation and will provide youwith a comfortable space. There is no need to be nervous; just go with the flow, and you will have an incredible time.

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