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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Cologne, Germany

1) Bootshaus Cologne

Are you in the mood for good music, exuberant mood and long party nights beyond all scene conventions? Then off to the boathouse, which has blossomed in recent years to the top address of German clubbing culture. This has to do with the outstanding musical program, because here are the international superstar DJs from weekend to weekend. As a result of the varied musical orientation, hardly a night resembles the other, depending on the event one can dance to euphoric house sounds, let go of rough electro sounds or drift off into the morning with booming techno basses.

Young, party-happy people from various scenes come from all over Germany and the neighboring countries traveled to once live to experience their DJ favorites and the extraordinary atmosphere live. In addition to a FUNKTION-ONE sound system, it offers an HD visual mapping concept, changing decoration and unusual performances, the uncomplicated, professional service and the unconventional but extremely simple door policy. The boathouse has several areas. These include the Mainfloor, the BLCKBX and the turnery. In addition, the boathouse has a large outdoor area, where already one or the other open-air party was celebrated!

2) Green Komm Cologne

Green Komm is the best European after hour for gays and lesbians. One of the oldest and hottest after hour parties in Cologne. From 6 a.m. It’s 14 hours of partying to house music and the best DJ’s worldwide. The Green Komm after hour is a globally well famous and one of the most well-liked events in Europe with its international and local DJs. Numerous clubs in Cologne tried to copy the idea of Green Komm but did not succeed. The only Green Komm is Green Komm! Nothing else! Green Komm sound fusing progressive trance and house tunes is exceptional in Germany.

Your birthday is on one of the Green Komm dates? Lucky you! You and one of your friends receive free admission on that date! What do you need to do? Just show your ID card at the entrance. If your guest arrives later, just leave his/her complete name. The Green Komm group wishes you a HAPPY B-DAY and a great festival at Green Komm. Club Nachtflug is one of the finest clubs in Cologne and since several years the home of Green Komm. A superb main floor equipped with a thrilling sound and light system is hosting the top Green Komm DJs. Additionally the second floor, Bacardi Lounge, is the stage for their local heroes and really great newcomers.

3) Fifty-one EJO Cologne

The fifty-one has been an integral part of the Cologne events scene for years. From Thursday to Saturday, week after week, After 7 Thursday event series and the club nights on Fridays and Saturdays at fifty-one take place. From Sunday to Wednesday, the fifty-one is free for your events. The After 7 is the after-work party in Cologne. The highlight of every after 7 is the show of their LIVE band. Really good live music is not often found, but their musicians are thoroughbred pros. With a musical range from the 70s to the current charts, from rock / pop to funk / soul, everyone gets their money’s worth. After the live acts they continue with music from DJ Pult, because after the show they will continue with the party!

At Club Night, the glamor and glitz of fifty-one unfold as the club transforms into a stunning location, captivating visitors with its changing performances and unique atmosphere. Local heroes as well as national and international DJ greats put on the decks the latest and hottest sounds and put the crowd in collective ecstasy. They organize with passion your individual events from the invitation to the last broom stroke. Tailored to you, your guests and your ideas, but always with a twist: the emotional touch. So that no guest forgets what he experienced on the day of the event.

4) Cologne After 7

Cologne After 7 is the after-work party in Cologne with live music – every Thursday from 19 clock. The After 7 Team wishes all its guests a great summer. They are there for you every single Thursday with live music! During the week, party-loving townspeople hardly find an appropriate setting for having a few drinks with friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and partners while having good music and a great ambience, or getting to know nice, like-minded people. That’s why they wanted to establish a new and regular after-work party that was to become both a weekly hangout and a good habit.

In the meantime, the after 7 from Cologne has become indispensable and has become the “place to be” on Thursday in Cologne. Every week, a high-class audience meets here; well-known artists perform in the best mood and stylish ambience. The highlight of every after 7 is the show their LIVE band Superstitious. Really good live music is not often found, but their musicians are thoroughbred pros. They perform regularly with national and international stars, are known and popular among others through various TV shows. But they have a lot of fun in the matter and that’s exactly what’s up to the audience – and it’s on! With a musical range from the 70s to the current charts, from rock / pop to funk / soul, every taste in music gets its money’s worth.

5) CentClub Cologne

CentClub is where partygoers swing by to party because of its eclectic crowd and lively atmosphere. It is located at Hohenstaufenring 25. They offer affordable yet tasty drinks and unlimited partying for the lively crowd. Examples of their daily events are the all-night vodka, Special events like carnivals and private celebrations are also held at CentClub. Feel like dancing but don’t want the steep prices or haughty attitude of a lot of nightclubs? Then the long-standing CentClub is the place for you. Feel-good vibes, pumping tracks and a lively, friendly crowd.

The best party mix awaits you on legendary student party – also for non-students! The highlight of the weekend starts on Saturday at 22:00. For good mood and best party atmosphere is thus ensured. From 22:00 on Friday they will ring in the weekend with the best of the 2000s, Charts & Classics and 2 hours of free beer. Thus, the best party mood is guaranteed. If you want to celebrate your birthday with at least four friends in the CentClub, you and your friends will only pay half the entrance fee. The maximum number of your friends is not limited. Pre-registration is not required. You can claim the birthday special up to one week before or after your actual birthday. The proof of your birthday can be made via the usual official documents (identity card, passport, driving license). The birthday special is valid on Thursday and Friday from 0:00 clock and Saturday from 22:00 clock.

6) Die Kantine Cologne

Die Kantine or The cafeteria has been serving all out entertainment for more than 20 years. The hottest concerts and party scene in Cologne is made possible through the exciting line up at The Cafeteria. International music icons like Alanis Morissette, The Doctors, Fanta4, Marilyn Manson and John Mayall, and Triggerfinger have already performed at this club. It has also given an opportunity to upcoming artists to perform in front of the bar’s patrons. The bar also has a free parking. If you had anything important to discuss with your friends, make sure you get that done before you get here, because it’s seriously loud.

And why not? After all, this is where Cologne’s night-time rush hour takes place, a natural magnet for the city’s party people. It’s easy to meet new people here, if only because you’re pushed up right against each other. This classic club venue attracts local celebrities as well as artists who are just passing through. Great Music, great ambiance, great service, great drinks; these are the ingredients for a perfect night club. The sort that you will always want to go back to.

7) COCO Schmitz Cologne

The small cellar club “Coco Schmitz” regularly celebrates funk and electro until late in the morning on Thursdays to Saturdays between mirrored walls. It impresses with its dimly-sophisticated ambience and cannot be imagined without the multitude of parties from Cologne’s nightlife. A well-stocked bar and turned-up boxes guarantee mood at a variety of parties and concerts. Its manageable size also makes it the ideal place for birthdays, Christmas and company parties. You can use their catering option in connection with booking the lounge in the back of the salon. You will have the opportunity to celebrate the “official” part of your event with food and drinks in the lounge and then swing your leg in the Coco.

Foods you want can deliver to your event quite comfortably. In addition to a large selection of quiches, cakes and other finger food, it offers you the opportunity to plan together a rich buffet. Starting with soups and salads, over hearty main courses towards sweet desserts, there are no limits to the variety of combinations – as long as it’s only organic. Not only culinary, they are in the planning with help and advice to the side, they will gladly provide their service staff during the entire event if necessary.

8) Domhof Cologne

Cologne may call its own a special location. The Domhof Club impresses with a unique symbiosis of classic and modern, and with a direct view of the cathedral offers a panorama of a special kind. Situated beneath the tracks of the main train station, the Domhof exudes both underground feeling and true Cologne class. The neighboring rooms were united under the old arches, so that enough space is available for long club nights and closed societies. The unique character of the Domhof has not been lost.

The Domhof hosts parties of various kinds of music, as well as exhibitions, private parties, corporate events, concerts and events that dance their way out of line. The club Domhof has the most modern technology. The bass tickles the cathedral. At club parties, there is always a technical supervisor on site who takes care of a first-class lighting and sound concept suitable for the event. Also for concerts the club Domhof is ideally suited. The DJ console can be hung out and the stage can be used for concerts, with the possibility to enlarge the stage with other stage elements.

9) Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld Cologne

After a very short time, the CBE is firmly established as a cultural center in the Cologne music scene – through the national and international bookings, the club reaches people from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, who can experience energetic live concerts directly under the tracks. The club’s booking stands out in particular for its keen sense for talented and creative artists who work at a highly professional level. Due to the urban and attractive flair of the railway arches, the club is also perfect for more personal club shows.

The expansion of the third arch in 2015 led to the opening of the YUCA club (“Your Urban Club of Arts”), which was partly funded by the people of Cologne through crowdfunding. Smaller concerts and the support of newcomers, as well as the organization of larger parties or several events at the same time, are made possible with the club’s third bow. As the individual artists already suggest, the program is composed of a wide variety of music genres. The focus is on alternative black music, ie jazz, soul, funk, hip-hop, house, salsa, latin-jazz, reggae and blues. But just through incorporated into the program rentals, the club can offer its guests music from various genres.

10) Flamingo Royal Cologne

In the heart of Cologne is the club Flamingo Royal, with a diverse nightlife enthused to the modern Miami South Beach. Here taste, zest for life, music and fun come together every weekend. They also host a special student and after-work parties on Wednesdays. Flamingo Royal is popular nightclub located at the city centre. It is specifically located Friesenwall 86-90 where guests are mostly the hip and trendy partygoers. The interior of the club has a very 80’s atmosphere with impressively designed lighting changing into pink at regular intervals. They also have various options on their drink menu from all sorts of beer, cocktails, and white wine.

Models and known personalities like Arcus Schenkenberg also celebrate their anniversary and work-related celebrations. Located between Rudolf and Friesenplatz, the Flamingo Royal is decorated with warm pinks and reds creating the ideal atmosphere for celebration. A strict door policy makes the Flamingo one of Cologne’s most exclusive clubs, but with such a lively ambiance, vibrant crowds and services you can’t find anywhere else, it’s the only place you would want to be! Thursday through Saturday you can party in DJs, themed parties, club nights and more at the Flamingo Royal Boutique.

11) Diamonds Club Cologne

The Diamonds Club is one of the most crowded nightclubs in Cologne. The place is divided into 2 floors, with one as a dance floor on the ground floor and VIP lounge on the first. They have a total of 4 bars with two on each floor. This club is also well-known to hosts some hottest parties in the city, from cocktail night down to themed parties. Drinks are variables; you can basically get everything here. Entry is also not the same depending on the busy hours and busy days. Occasionally and most of the time they have free entry with minimum purchase of drinks.

The Diamonds Club at the Cologne wrestling has long been considered one of the best addresses to party! The club is known for its glamorous parties that occasionally celebrate celebrities like Lothar Matthaus or even David Hasselhoff. With House, R’n’B and Club Sounds, the party crowd gets in the mood for the Diamonds and the “Jetset” party series, which takes place every second Saturday, provides the best party mood for the guests. The Diamonds sets with its location on elegance and glamor, thus ensuring an exclusive atmosphere. Although at the entrance especially on wardrobe paid attention, but the club is worth a visit, if you are on Cologne’s party mile on the way.

12) Quater 1 – Alm Lounge Cologne

The Quater 1 Alm-Lounge in the heart of Cologne – a location with many faces on three levels. Their ensemble is composed of the star, the Alm-Lounge and bar with terrace, the in-house club (with a view of the cathedral!) and their extraordinary highlight, the Alm Stadl with authentic alpine character. Celebrate in the multi-faceted alpine lounge as it suits your lifestyle: whether classic, modern, quaint, hip or unusual – Quater 1 offers numerous productions and event themes. All this can be found within walking distance between Heumarkt and Dom.

Whether it’s a round company anniversary, summer party, Christmas party, glittering wedding or birthday party, even completely different seminars – or conference events – their universally usable location in the heart of the cathedral city leaves nothing to be desired. Cocktails or Kölsch? Selected wines or vitamin-rich smoothies? You decide what’s going on at your party! They work with competent service providers from all sectors and are thus able to fulfill every wish. Drinks or meals can be charged as a lump sum or after consumption. Also a complete rental of the entire location is possible. They take care of them! From the initial consultation until late at night! Build on their 20 years of experience in the event industry!

13) Vanity Club Cologne

Situated at Hohenzollernring, lies one of the most thrilling nightclubs in Cologne, the Vanity Club. It has a very chic and pleasing atmosphere making it a night owls haven in the city. Right on the pulse of Cologne’s nightlife, Vanity gets by without an arrogant audience and stands out as one of the hottest addresses in the region rather by a sympathetic and stylish audience. International acts such as TIMBALAND, DJ Antoine, Mike Candys, DJ Dirty Law or Noah Becker have performed regularly in the most beautiful club in the city for a reason!

The vanity opened in October 2011 after months of reconstruction in October 2011 and has since been a meeting place for sophisticated revelers throughout the Republic. With a top-class mix of DJ’s and live acts, the club is a guarantee for exuberant, wild but stylish nights. Visiting the Vanity Club Cologne is a great way to combine dinner and some drinks at Spencer & Hill. The evening starts with Italian hospitality and a great atmosphere, delicious food and a first class wine in our restaurant. Then it goes into the club, the entrance is directly adjacent to the Spencer & Hill and thus only a few steps away. The modern-authentic combination of Dinner & Dance ensures a successful evening and a good night.

14) Roxy Cologne

In the middle of the Belgian Quarter, within view of the Six Pack vinyl has been played at the Roxy (formerly the “Panoptikum”) since 1974. Live bands from the US, Europe and Africa share the venue with international DJs. Roxy is the cult shop in Cologne and has its focus on all varieties of good music. Brazil, soul, funk, disco, jazz, reggae and house are mainly played by vinyl. On Thursdays there is live jazz by and with Professor Burgwinkel, Silvio Morger and Oliver Lutz. Local and international DJs usually play on weekends or artists perform live or bands perform.

During the 1970s, the club was frequented by Arno Steffen, Wolfgang Niedecken and Jürgen Zeltinger, who also played there. From the start, the audience was always mixed, with no importance given to social class. The old Roxy sign originates from the cinema in the Südstadt district, and was purchased for two crates of Kölsch beer. During the 1980s, diplomats from the former capital Bonn came here, as well as the high society from the region. Today, it is the long history of the club that makes the Roxy so special, and above all the constant, widely varying music played there with outstanding sound quality.

15) Nachtflug Cologne

Awarded several times by the nation’s most coveted disco awards, the Cologne NightClub Nachtflug is the perfect forum for those who love to turn the night into day. A cool location with high-end equipment, top DJs and crazy show acts are the guarantors for unforgettable party nights. Young, hip and chic – that’s the target group of the Cologne “night flight”. Passengers of the club are also prominent guests such as gangster rapper LLyod Banks.

The “Nachtflug” delights with fancy events like “I celebrate myself”, “Striptease” and “Gang Bang Nacht” and makes his young audience dance with R’n’B and House. The chic Club is one of the top addresses of Cologne’s nightlife. While right and left the shops change names and owners regularly, this night club has been successful for years with its mix of chic ambience, hilarious party people and one or the other star. The players from the FC can be seen here just as much as actors from Daily Soaps and other “down-to-earth” celebrities.

16) Reineke Fuchs Cologne

Reineke Fuchs opened its doors in the Belgian District in 2012, one of colognes most lively quarters of the city’s centre, yet different from the typical club scene. Reineke Fuchs is a combination of local bar and nightclub, where hip DJs make the turntables glow. A fine mix of techno and house, a large dance floor and cosy sofa corners. Equipped with a Funktion One Soundsystem and a cosy interior that blends the familiar comfort of your local bar with the atmosphere of your favorite nightclub, a top-notch address among partygoers emerged. One reason the venue strongly established its fame might be the well balanced bookings between the two genres.

HipHop and electronic music. Through a suitable variety of electronic nights, that display international famous acts and record labels in addition to Reineke’s talented resident DJs, the story began. Expect the best mix of melodic house, a bursting dance floor as well as numerous comfy sofa corners for those little rests in between. The 2012 refurbished, chic location with illuminated dance floor and VIP area offers live music alongside well-known house and techno DJs. From Thursday to Sunday early will be celebrated from September in Reineke. Every Wednesday there are also concerts with young artists.

17) InCavall Club Cologne

InCavall Bar & Lounge is a cocktail & shisha lounge right in the heart of Cologne. It stands out with its luxurious ambience opposite the other bars. Feel like a star in the VIP area and enjoy the day with delicious drinks and tasty shisha. Also in the lounge area you will be served like a king “as the customer is king”.

If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends and you don’t know what to do and where to go – this is your place! InCavall is a bar that has party most nights and will be a guaranteed fun night! Even if you don’t want to sing, you can enjoy all the others on the stage while having some drinks and singing along. So much fun! Be it to grab a coffee, hop into a trendy shop, eat a delicious meal or just enjoy a cool drink outside in the summer, InCavall Bar & Lounge is one of the best spots to do it. Come here for all of the above needs and more.

17) Veedel Club Cologne

Veedel Club is a nightclub at Barbarosaplatz, Cologne, Germany, where you can find different styles of music, take Salsa and Bachata classes and have fun all night for a small price. Bass and beats, competent Dj’s and exceptional live acts – that’s how easy it is to summarize the concept of the Veedel club. The owner of the former Rose Club is DJ CEM, who with his 14-year-old successful party and concert series BEATPACKERS may well be called a Cologne institution. The interior of the club is largely handmade, which is certainly one of the reasons why you feel in Veedel Club as in your own living room club. Cem’s contacts in the national and international music scene always guarantee extremely good acts.

On Wednesdays Indie and Pop, Thursdays Reggaeton & Latin Sounds, Fridays HipHop to Bass and Saturdays Club Night will feature varied, hard-to-turn-up sounds. In addition a lot of big concerts. Pretty busy in Veedel! It is actually almost all handmade in there and this knowledge alone gives you a very comfortable feeling, because you feel the love everywhere. On the one hand, it feels a bit like the home living room, on the other hand, you can celebrate their exuberantly to the coolest beats.

17) Tomorrows Club Cologne

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do or where to go on a night out in Cologne? Going out in one of the best nightclubs in Cologne is always a good idea, especially after a stressful week of work. Tomorrows Club in the heart of Cologne is the new point of contact for a long and memorable party night on the Cologne wrestling. From fat hip-hop parties with the best line-ups and blatant beats to an endless night on one of their trips to electronic wonderland. Equipped with breathtaking ambience, trendy parties await you in the city of love. Tomorrows Club in the heart of Cologne is the new point of contact for a long and intoxicating party night.

Tomorrows Club takes a refreshing concept compared to other clubs in Cologne. It hosts the wildest and most vibrant party in the city. The dance floor is spacious where the audience can freely dance. They offer affordable yet tasty drinks and unlimited partying for the lively crowd. It features a unique and elegant atmosphere with the exclusive designs, special light effects and technology. Array of drinks creations are being served. The Tomorrows Club aims to create events with a positive memory value, to change something here and there, with sounds and joy, emotions, shapes and colors.

18) Subway Cologne

There are not many clubs in Cologne with such a history of change behind them as the small cellar club “Subway” just before the railway bridge on Aachener Strasse. Featuring the sounds of techno, as well as a variety of other smooth sounds such as reggae and hip hop, this establishment once had a longstanding reputation as a great jazz club, famous for its feature in the television series “Jazz in the Subway.” Under the iconic entrance sign, this was one of the jazz hotspots in the city from 1970 onwards.

On Tuesdays particularly, this club was the venue where American jazz legends performed, whose names make all jazz connoisseur’s heart beat faster: Dexter Gordon, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Stan Getz, Archie Shepp and Dizzy Gillespie are just some of the artists who played here. Occasionally, the concerts were also broadcast on television, making the “Subway” a trans-regional advertisement for Cologne as a jazz city. When other clubs took over from the “Subway” as the top jazz places to visit, the club changed its programme. After the building was changed in 2000, the “Subway” became established as a spot for hip hop and electronic music.

19) OMClub Cologne

When the OMClub 2008 was launched, they just wanted to offer an alternative to the official trade show party. But quickly, the OMClub became an insider tip at dmexco. From year to year they not only became more and more colorful and crazy, but above all always better and they have to admit that they are no longer an insider tip. Meanwhile, up to 4000 guests celebrate with them every year and the OMClub has established itself as the unofficial party for dmexco!

What distinguishes them from the many other parties, are not only their high-quality drinks, fancy action tools and attention to detail, but above all their fabulous sponsors. Their Sponsors make it possible for them to throw a party every year, which blows their guests minds! To be invited to drink spiked tea, you have to face some challenges first: You have to be quick, drink from the right bottle at the right time and grow beyond your limits to get hold of the key called a free ticket.

20) IXOP Cologne

Cologne is most renowned for its small bars and pubs but it also has some huge world class parties, some of which draw revellers from across Europe. Want to dance with neon headbands to 90s pop? Cologne can make it happen. Perhaps dancing to techno beside a fire breathing dragon is more your thing? No problem. IXOP nightlife offers you everything — from mainstream discos through glittering dance clubs. IXOP nightclub has seen international DJ superstars from all over the world and music genres are pretty wide and assorted to amp things up.

This nightclub is also serving an impressive cocktail mix and interesting drink. The dance floor is spacious where the audience can freely dance along to the bar’s various guests DJs as they spin the most in-demand hits. The club also has an interesting DIY flair for added charm. Because of its rustic charm and location yet innovative light effects and interesting mix of music, people are getting more interested to party all night long in this hip nightclub in Cologne.

21) Red Cat Lounge Cologne

The Red Cat Lounge is a dance house of neon, graffiti and dizzying techno tracks especially designed for those who don’t want the weekend to end. Uncomplicated party in a fun atmosphere, with pleasure also in larger groups, or simply drink comfortably a Kölsch: all this goes in the “Red Cat Lounge” in Cologne. Extremely popular is the “Red Thursday” with free beer, sparkling wine and Hugo from 21-23 clock and long drinks 2 for 1 to 24 clock. For previously registered groups of 5 or more people, the red cat will jump around the house. If you still have not had enough, come to the Sunday “Tinnitus” Afterhour from 6-16 o’clock.

This club invites you to the weekly meeting of all revelers. A cool drink at the bar, a cozy Kölsch in the lounge or a quick shot on the dance floor, there is something for everyone! Weekly DJs prepare a rousing mix of the best techno tracks on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Every second Friday of the month Psy Cat takes you to another world. Experience the spirit of the Goakatze, let yourself be enchanted by the neon play of colors of decoration and forget about time and space as you dance to the rousing sets of DJs. On Sundays, “TINNITUS”, their well-known afterhour, invites you to make the day night.

22) Halle Tor 2 Cologne

The Halle Tor 2 is the location with the unique industrial charm. For many years, the club is considered the greats in Cologne nightlife, which provides its guests with extravagant parties into the wee hours. Experience with a select audience and unique party concepts, an unforgettable night. Puristic industrial charm combines with avant-garde event equipment to create one of the most eclectic and unusual locations in the area. This is the right address for every occasion. Corporate events, incentives or road shows of international top companies are also professionally implemented with a special eye for detail, as are weddings or other private events in a family atmosphere.

The five different function rooms help each idea to a special concept. Individual rooms, combinations or the total area are available for your individual event. Due to the flexible room concept of Halle Tor 2, events can be organized on a total area of 3,600 m² for up to 6,830 people. Whether elegant dinner, live cooking, buffets or flying food – her wish finds its professional implementation. Forget everything else on Carnival Friday, as the Halle Tor 2 invites you to the legendary CARNIVAL FESTIVAL as every year.

23) Pascha Cologne

The club houses 126 rooms on 11 floors. Furthermore, an own restaurant, beauty center, boutique, laundromat, tanning salon and various contact bistros. Doing everything to make their guests and tenants feel comfortable is the top priority. The Pascha Laufhaus is known for hosting many attractive ladies who work independently, with their own business areas. Furthermore, the Pascha Nightclub offers a top location with first-class show and table dance performances, live concerts and events of various kinds. A motivated staff will help you at any time to fulfill your individual wishes and make your stay a perfect experience!

Originally named the Eros Centre but renamed Pascha in 1995, the club is run by a central management company who charge entrance fees to all clients. Their attractive dancers provide party and mood music the whole night for exuberant and relaxed mood! Experience table dance at its finest – in their 1001 night setting. All special offers, such as “2 for One” or “Happy Hour” are only valid individually, and cannot be combined with other special offers! The ideal location for bachelor parties, birthday, company and club parties, anniversaries, seasonal events and much more!

23) Venus Celler Cologne

If you are looking for a shop that has opened, when most others already close the Scots, then you are exactly right with this club. With this club you will find daily from 0 o’clock a place at the bar or on dancefloor. The club will help you to drown your worries with good beer or schnapps or just to have a good time, as befits a real cult club in Cologne!

Even a club without proper opening hours and with a bouncer on the staff list pursues a corporate philosophy! They sell fun and are happy when you spend a fun night alone or with your friends. They appreciate every paying customer, and not only when they count the cash after closing time. Everyone is welcome – it does not matter to them whether you are a beer or champagne drinker in the team, how you look or where you come from.

23) Yuca Club Cologne

In April 2015 the brand new YUCA (Young Urban Club of Arts) opened its doors to 1,500 guests. It is run by the 4 enthusiastic young guys running the neighboring Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld CBE. Within 6 weeks they not only developed the lighting design for the location in the vaults under the railway system in the edgy Ehrenfeld quarter. They also created unique fixtures to the various specials rooms of the venue. Alongside the expanded CBE, it is now a club in its own right with standing room for up to 250. In addition to concerts, parties, weddings, corporate parties, meetings or summer festivals, they provide the perfect setting for all kinds of occasions. Be it in YUCA, CBE or on all three floors. State-of-the-art event technology and high-quality club catering guarantee that your ideas and wishes are carried out to perfection in a stylish-industrial atmosphere.

23) Station 2B Cologne

The gents club Station 2b is a club in Cologne well-known far beyond the city limits. On more than 400 square meters is danced and cruised every night here. There are often great fetish events and special parties for every flavor. A large play area and many hidden niches and corners make the cruiser ́s heart beat faster.

STATION 2B daily opened, is one of the biggest men only clubs in Germany since its opening in May 2006. The so called MÄNNERWIRTSCHAFT is famous for its diverse programmes with or without fetish and hip special events are taking place there, for example XTND (Xtreme After, Gay Pride), Addiction sportswear-party, Sk8erboy, Twisted, horsefair and Stosszeit. Very renowned is their weekly naked-party – all information about the events and their special offers like Longdrinks from 1EUR, Happy Hour (2 for 1) etc is available on the webpage, in their free smartphone-app and at Facebook.

24) Gravity Cologne

GRAVITY is a famous monthly gay dance party in the heart of Cologne, typically held on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Clubbing for the queer & open minded. An exclusive mix of Progressive-Tech, Deep House & Techno. No frills, just music to lift-off. With the best audience & dancers. Resident DJ’s play progressive/deep house/tech house music. Admission 10€.

The Gravity was launched in a very short time, the whiz kid in the Cologne nightlife. Meanwhile, the party stands for four years for their distinctive electric sound. In exclusive clubs and probably the most international audience in the city, hetero-friendly and in love with music. The Gravity sound cannot be simply categorized as progressive, house or techno, but the ears spoil hypnotic grooves with enchanting playfulness. Enjoy an evening with friends or special personal events in a unique atmosphere. The hottest parties in town are always held at this venue because of its modern and sophisticated vibe. Gravity has actually managed to bring some glamour – with a respectable club concept. Packed full of amazing music, people and experiences, Gravity is one of the hottest party spots.

24) Club Crystal Cologne

Behind the inconspicuous doors of the Crystal Cologne at Cologne’s Hohenzollernring, nobody would suspect the scene of the city’s nightlife. No one would expect the paradise that lies behind the doors of Crystal situated in Cologne. The minimalist style of the club convinced without frills and symbolizes its seriousness. Behind the black tinted windows of the Crystal Cologne are two levels of pure entertainment. The latest sound and light technology characterize the location with a smoking area – the Crystal Cologne does what it promises. And it promises a lot.

Music for the soul to the body passes through and show acts which give life to the uniform dignified life style, powdered with the urban trendsetters of Cologne. With the guests as their motto, Crystal has put together an innovative program while Fridays consist of the finest R’n’B paired with resounding house music, Saturdays are dedicated to the best operators in the region! The finest music as well as spectacular show acts make the Crystal Cologne a real treat for the eyes and ears. The “Crystallists” celebrate here from Friday evenings to Sunday afternoons.

24) Tsunami Club Cologne

In the middle of the heart of Cologne South City is located away from the hustle and bustle of your Tsunami Club. Every Friday and Saturday they present you regular indie, rock, post-punk, Britpop, 80s and 90s parties. And during the week and on weekends, live music lovers will enjoy live concerts by bands from all over Europe that will make your evening unforgettable.

Directly on Chlodwigplatz in the Cologne Südstadt they present you over 150 concerts a year. Here you can play bands from all over Europe from the genres: Alternative, Post-Punk, Rock, Progressive Pop or Electronic Rock in an intimate and cool atmosphere. The live concerts take place mostly during the week, but also on weekends. From bigger bands to solo artists, it’s all there – watch it! Every Friday and Saturday, the tsunami club is all about parties. From old-school indie rock, alternative, Britpop, post-punk to 80s and 90s parties – at the Tsunami Club you will find the party to your taste. They have dedicated a party series to all recurring party events, so that loyal fans can celebrate the night over and over again on their favorite hits.

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