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In the middle of the Belgian Quarter, within view of the Six Pack vinyl has been played at the Roxy (formerly the “Panoptikum”) since 1974. Live bands from the US, Europe and Africa share the venue with international DJs. Roxy is the cult shop in Cologne and has its focus on all varieties of good music. Brazil, soul, funk, disco, jazz, reggae and house are mainly played by vinyl. On Thursdays there is live jazz by and with Professor Burgwinkel, Silvio Morger and Oliver Lutz. Local and international DJs usually play on weekends or artists perform live or bands perform. 

During the 1970s, the club was frequented by Arno Steffen, Wolfgang Niedecken and Jürgen Zeltinger, who also played there. From the start, the audience was always mixed, with no importance given to social class. The old Roxy sign originates from the cinema in the Südstadt district, and was purchased for two crates of Kölsch beer. During the 1980s, diplomats from the former capital Bonn came here, as well as the high society from the region. Today, it is the long history of the club that makes the Roxy so special, and above all the constant, widely varying music played there with outstanding sound quality.

To ensure that the guests and the artists get their money’s worth, a lot of heart and soul was put into the sound quality. A high-quality sound system was installed by Martin Audio, an oak floor was laid and the entire room was sound-optimized. The audience is colorful, tolerant and above all music enthusiastic, which makes the parties always very special and unique. Rent one of the oldest nightclubs and landmarks of the city of Cologne on the Roxy. Events of all kinds are possible: birthdays, closed events, company events, film shoots or public parties.

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