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Veedel Club Cologne, Guide & Review

Veedel Club is a nightclub at Barbarosaplatz, Cologne, Germany, where you can find different styles of music, take Salsa and Bachata classes and have fun all night for a small price. Bass and beats, competent Dj’s and exceptional live acts – that’s how easy it is to summarize the concept of the Veedel club. The owner of the former Rose Club is DJ CEM, who with his 14-year-old successful party and concert series BEATPACKERS may well be called a Cologne institution. The interior of the club is largely handmade, which is certainly one of the reasons why you feel in Veedel Club as in your own living room club. Cem’s contacts in the national and international music scene always guarantee extremely good acts. 

On Wednesdays Indie and Pop, Thursdays Reggaeton & Latin Sounds, Fridays HipHop to Bass and Saturdays Club Night will feature varied, hard-to-turn-up sounds. In addition a lot of big concerts. Pretty busy in Veedel! It is actually almost all handmade in there and this knowledge alone gives you a very comfortable feeling, because you feel the love everywhere. On the one hand, it feels a bit like the home living room, on the other hand, you can celebrate their exuberantly to the coolest beats.

Again and again, great DJs or special live acts and concerts are at the start. Musically it’s pretty much in every direction: Thursdays are reserved for reggaeton and latin sounds, but for the rest of the week you’ll find pretty much anything from indie to hip-hop to bass, variety is guaranteed! Packed full of amazing music, people and experiences, it is one of the hottest party spots. Veedel Club is all about great times with great music and great friends. There’s a completely unique clubbing experience serving up luxury, late nights and great music.

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