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Subway Cologne, Guide & Review

There are not many clubs in Cologne with such a history of change behind them as the small cellar club “Subway” just before the railway bridge on Aachener Strasse. Featuring the sounds of techno, as well as a variety of other smooth sounds such as reggae and hip hop, this establishment once had a longstanding reputation as a great jazz club, famous for its feature in the television series “Jazz in the Subway.” Under the iconic entrance sign, this was one of the jazz hotspots in the city from 1970 onwards.

On Tuesdays particularly, this club was the venue where American jazz legends performed, whose names make all jazz connoisseur’s heart beat faster: Dexter Gordon, Horace Silver, Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Stan Getz, Archie Shepp and Dizzy Gillespie are just some of the artists who played here. Occasionally, the concerts were also broadcast on television, making the “Subway” a trans-regional advertisement for Cologne as a jazz city. When other clubs took over from the “Subway” as the top jazz places to visit, the club changed its programme. After the building was changed in 2000, the “Subway” became established as a spot for hip hop and electronic music.

At present, the great names from the “Sound of Cologne” scene come here to DJ. However, there’s also a space for indie music here, and for many years, the “Subway Jazz Orchestra” has also performed here about once a month. Thus, the club returns to its roots, at least once in a while. Presenting low lighting to create a somewhat sinister ambience, Subway keeps a low profile compared to some of its more posh competitors on the Cologne nightlife scene. With its small club coziness, reasonable drink prices, and laid back energy, Subway continues in its tradition as a cool jazz club though the entertainment has changed with the times.

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