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Venus Celler Cologne


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Venus Celler Cologne, Guide & Review

If you are looking for a shop that has opened, when most others already close the Scots, then you are exactly right with this club. With this club you will find daily from 0 o’clock a place at the bar or on dancefloor. The club will help you to drown your worries with good beer or schnapps or just to have a good time, as befits a real cult club in Cologne!

Even a club without proper opening hours and with a bouncer on the staff list pursues a corporate philosophy! They sell fun and are happy when you spend a fun night alone or with your friends. They appreciate every paying customer, and not only when they count the cash after closing time. Everyone is welcome – it does not matter to them whether you are a beer or champagne drinker in the team, how you look or where you come from.

As long as you are over eighteen years old, able to behave, are still reasonably aware and do not endanger yourself or others, you are cordially invited to join. Because they employ security, no bouncers! Nevertheless, the door has the last word. Contradiction or discussion attempts only waste your and their time! If Cologne’s party scene starts to run out of air, instead of going home, you just spent a great evening in the basement. Because they have the unique mix of a large selection of drinks, cool guests, a great and atmospheric team and special atmosphere. 

The music they play is a mixture of new and old hits. They play Schlager, Kölsche Tön, Pop and Rock. So the taste in music is just as wide-ranging as their audience, yet they reserve the right to ignore particularly unusual song suggestions skillfully. After all, since 1986 this club have been making the night every night since 0:00 in Cologne. 

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