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Bootshaus Cologne, Guide & Review

Are you in the mood for good music, exuberant mood and long party nights beyond all scene conventions? Then off to the boathouse, which has blossomed in recent years to the top address of German clubbing culture. This has to do with the outstanding musical program, because here are the international superstar DJs from weekend to weekend. As a result of the varied musical orientation, hardly a night resembles the other, depending on the event one can dance to euphoric house sounds, let go of rough electro sounds or drift off into the morning with booming techno basses. 

Young, party-happy people from various scenes come from all over Germany and the neighboring countries traveled to once live to experience their DJ favorites and the extraordinary atmosphere live. In addition to a FUNKTION-ONE sound system, it offers an HD visual mapping concept, changing decoration and unusual performances, the uncomplicated, professional service and the unconventional but extremely simple door policy. The boathouse has several areas. These include the Mainfloor, the BLCKBX and the turnery. In addition, the boathouse has a large outdoor area, where already one or the other open-air party was celebrated!

The Mainfloor is the largest room, with a total capacity of 1200 people. In addition to a lush lighting technology, the robots on the left and right of the DJ are also part of the eye-catcher in the boathouse. The BLCKBX impresses with its own special character. Futuristic shapes on the walls, fans on the ceiling, or the LED starry sky provide the special look. In addition, a MARTIN AUDIO music system especially suitable for bass-heavy music! The open-air area gives plenty of seating and is also great for smoking. In addition to an outdoor bar, you will also find there snack bar (Turbo Snack), where you can order including fries, (vegetarian) sausages, or unicorn meat!

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