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OMClub Cologne, Guide & Review

When the OMClub 2008 was launched, they just wanted to offer an alternative to the official trade show party. But quickly, the OMClub became an insider tip at dmexco. From year to year they not only became more and more colorful and crazy, but above all always better and they have to admit that they are no longer an insider tip. Meanwhile, up to 4000 guests celebrate with them every year and the OMClub has established itself as the unofficial party for dmexco!

What distinguishes them from the many other parties, are not only their high-quality drinks, fancy action tools and attention to detail, but above all their fabulous sponsors. Their Sponsors make it possible for them to throw a party every year, which blows their guests minds! To be invited to drink spiked tea, you have to face some challenges first: You have to be quick, drink from the right bottle at the right time and grow beyond your limits to get hold of the key called a free ticket.

OMClub will offer you with everything from beer to cocktails, and long drinks- all the way to hard liquor. And the best thing is, it won’t cost you a cent! If you want to establish a good base before consuming high amounts of alcohol, there will be plenty of diverse food choices available. Those will be available for sale to you all night! The guests are colorful, tolerant and above all music enthusiastic, which makes the parties always very special and unique. Packed full of amazing music, people and experiences, it is one of the hottest party spots. OMClub is all about great times with great music and great friends. There’s a completely unique clubbing experience serving up luxury, late nights and great music. 

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