RnB Clubs in Cologne

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On this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the best RnB clubs in Cologne. (More in-depth further below)

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Several tourist activities are available in Cologne that will make your trip enjoyable. Grab a seat in the outdoor seating areas, which are located far away from the streets. Order a drink and immerse yourself in the beauty of this city. You can relax and take a breath of fresh air. Cologne’s nightclubs organize themed parties on a regular basis that are super-duper fun. R&B venues are also located here, which is a perfect place to show off your wild side. Following is our list of Cologne’s excellent R&B nightclub where you can rock out to your heart’s content.

1. Club Crystal Cologne

Behind the inconspicuous doors of the Crystal Cologne at Cologne’s Hohenzollernring, nobody would suspect the scene of the city’s nightlife. No one would expect the paradise that lies behind the doors of Crystal situated in Cologne. The minimalist style of the club convinced without frills and symbolizes its seriousness. Behind the black tinted windows of the Crystal Cologne are two levels of pure entertainment. The latest sound and light technology characterize the location with a smoking area – the Crystal Cologne does what it promises. And it promises a lot.

2. Vanity Club Cologne

Situated at Hohenzollernring, lies one of the most thrilling nightclubs in Cologne, the Vanity Club. It has a very chic and pleasing atmosphere making it a night owls haven in the city. Right on the pulse of Cologne’s nightlife, Vanity gets by without an arrogant audience and stands out as one of the hottest addresses in the region rather by a sympathetic and stylish audience. International acts such as TIMBALAND, DJ Antoine, Mike Candys, DJ Dirty Law or Noah Becker have performed regularly in the most beautiful club in the city for a reason!

3. Diamonds Club Cologne

The Diamonds Club is one of the most crowded nightclubs in Cologne. The place is divided into 2 floors, with one as a dance floor on the ground floor and VIP lounge on the first. They have a total of 4 bars with two on each floor. This club is also well-known to hosts some hottest parties in the city, from cocktail night down to themed parties. Drinks are variables; you can basically get everything here. Entry is also not the same depending on the busy hours and busy days. Occasionally and most of the time they have free entry with minimum purchase of drinks.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, Cologne’s R&B music has developed to a high level and can be heard in various nightclubs. They make use of the best equipment and employ expert DJs that keep the crowd hopping.Some places also organize live events where you can listen to the performances of various renowned musicians.Concerts are also held here as well. So, if you are an R&B lover, then visiting the Club Crystal, Vanity, Diamonds Club, etc., is a must.Tired?Then take a seat at the bar or opt for a private room. Take a chill pill and enjoy the wonderful environment.

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