Gay & LGBT Clubs in Ibiza

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Ibiza has some of the most extravagant and wildest gay-friendly nights almost anywhere on the planet, and it certainly feels like that when you’re at one of these club night extravaganzas, some of which have earned legendary status. Generally you’ll find that most gay bars are generally painted with all colors of the LGBTQ community, and their friends, in mind. There are chilled out places as well as outlandish and steamy establishments known for overtly sexual behavior and orgasmic sexual acts.There is a good selection of gay bars here, most concentrated in and around Ibiza Town. Mad Ibiza, Lady D Ibiza, JJ, Magnus, Anfora, Bar Monalisa Ibiza, Bar Dome, Lola’s, La Troya, SupermartXe, Pacha, Sunrise Bar and Lio.

In Conclusion

The gay scene here is pretty wild, just like it is in many worldwide cities, but with that hedonistic free-spirited edge that Ibiza brings. There is a mix only places and gay/straight friendly to men only bars. Theatrically-themed nights add to the outrageousness, with legions of drag queens, performers and dancers all expressing in the wildest way the core theme of transgressed explosion, joy and madness.

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