Ibiza Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to Ibiza’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Ibiza. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


A little introduction to Ibiza, Spain

Whenever you hear the nightlife, entertainment surely comes into your mind. Nightlife is all about entertainment at late nights since early morning hours. Nightlife has major components which are the refreshers of your mind and entertainer for everybody. These components are nightclubs, bars, pubs, musical concerts, dancing events, and late-night parties. All night owls are there in the bars, pubs, and party places for enjoying their nights with their friends. These parties and outings attract adults more commonly but people of middle ages can also get charms here.

Nightlife in Ibiza

Ibiza, a Spanish Island, is located in the Mediterranean Sea at the eastern coast of Spain. It is just 150 km away from Valencia. An Island, which means there is an abundance of beaches and abundance of beaches leads us towards more parties and entertainment. Ibiza is famous for the nightlife as it offers huge entertainment in this regard. The most famous electronic dance is the reason behind the popularity of this amazing island. It is an attractive place for the tourists due to the dancing and musical traits of the citizens of this island. Due to the huge fame of nightlife, the government paused the nightlife activities in the past by closing down some of the nightclubs. In 2015, the nightclubs resumed their actions with more enthusiasm as the government reversed its policy in terms of nightlife in the region. The historical traits of the island make it more charming and attractive place for the visitors. The nightlife has more charm if it is collaborated with the historical and natural friendly grounds. The weather of Ibiza makes it more appropriate for nigh parties and night outings. It is a heaven for the adults who love to stay out at night in the bars, pubs, and nightclubs. Ball Pages is the cultural and folkloric dance of the Ibiza Island.

Nightlife in Ibiza
What does Ibiza offer for Nightlife?

Ibiza has huge offerings for the adults to enjoy the charms of nightlife. There is not any deficiency of daily events and parties in this region. Music flows in the veins of the people living in this region and dancing is the first thing that they learn. That is why, a huge number of tourists visit this small island in every part of the year. I would not be wrong if I consider Ibiza island as a queen of nightlife. So, if you are planning a trip in your holidays then Ibiza must be your first priority. I would share all the necessary elements which would surely help you during your visit to this lively place. Ibiza offers a huge number of nightclubs, boat parties, and musical bars to the visitors.

Clubbing Resorts in Ibiza

Nightlife in Ibiza is a memorable experience for the youngsters who have a virgin visit to this island. If you have visited it once then you will come again to this DJ and musical place for sure. Here are the major clubbing resorts on Ibiza Island:

Playa d’en Bossa

Playa d’en Bossa is located on the eastern coast of the island and it is the longest beach line of the island as well. This clubbing resort offers huge opportunities for the nightlife and it is, actually, full of the nightlife charms. You will find all sorts of larger and smaller clubs on this beach of the island. No matter what your budget is, you will surely find a place to spend your time in a charming way in this clubbing resort of the island. You will find quality hotels and restaurants as well where you can stay and eat according to your taste and budget. Ushuaia and Hi Ibiza are the most famous night clubs located here in Playa d’en Bossa.

Playa d’en BossaSan Antonio

San Antonio is on the left bank of the island and it is famous for the sunset strips. It is the first choice of the visitors who plan to enjoy the nightlife and holidays on Ibiza Island. The hotel has no lack of restaurants and night clubs. It has the beaches which offers the best summer vacations for the visitors. The parties at the larger and famous nightclubs, including Es Paradis and Eden, stay on for the whole night until dawn. You can also find a lot of bars and smaller clubs in the San Antonio Town area. O Beach Ibiza and Ibiza Rocks are the famous beach clubs of this clubbing resort.

San Antonio

Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is the capital of Ibiza and a high-class clubbing resort as well. It is a place which has international crowd, countless shops, quality restaurants, and super clubs. Pacha, Lio, and Heart are the famous night clubs of Ibiza Town. This part of Ibiza Island is famous for its historical and cultural norms and you would surely enjoy your holidays here.

You also have several other choices if you have a different taste and you want to stay at a quieter place. Santa Eulaila is a quiet place on this island where you will find a lot of restaurants, bars, and smaller clubs, but there is no larger club in this town. Las Dalias is also an option if you want to enjoy the village vibes during your holidays.

Ibiza Town
Nightclubs in Ibiza, The Shortlist:

Ibiza Island has a huge reputation in terms of having the night clubs. Here is the list of active nightclubs located in this region of the world. I will discuss each club in detail in the later half of this guide. The list includes (from Z to A): –

  • Ushuaia Club
  • Sankeys Club
  • Privilege Club
  • Pacha Club
  • Ocean Beach Club
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel Club
  • Hi Ibiza Club
  • Heart Club
  • Eden Club
  • Es Paradis Club
  • Destino Club
  • DC – 10 Club
  • Benimussa Park Club
  • Amnesia Club

These are the larger and famous clubs located in different parts of Ibiza island. There are huge number of other smaller places which can serve you as a nightlife host with open arms. Some of these increasingly famous places are (Z to A): –

  • Veto
  • Swag
  • Santos
  • Lio
  • Las Dalias
  • KM5
  • Cova Santa
  • Bora Bora

I would recommend you to visit these smaller venues as well during your stay in Ibiza. The promoters of these smaller and larger clubs include locals and foreigners. This diversity of promoters allows the visitors to enjoy newer themes of the parties and new music on daily basis. So, there is a huge diversity of music and dance in these clubs.

Nightclubs in Ibiza, The Shortlis

Buying Club Tickets

I would like to give you some advices in terms of buying the tickets for entering a nightclub during your stay in Ibiza. The summer party season opens in the opening week of May and closes in the first week of October. You can buy tickets online by checking the dates of the parties which you want to attend. You can also buy tickets from the clubs which are offering the parties and you want to be a part of them. I would recommend you to buy the tickets in advance as it will ensure your guarantee entry into the club. You can get the scheduling of the parties from the online resources.

Boat Parties

Nightlife is all about parties and Ibiza offers one of the most special forms of the parties known as “Boat Party”. You will get a chance to visit a boat party on every holiday as there is no holiday without a boat party in the sea, in Ibiza. The fame and interest of people in boat parties moved the club promoters towards a trend of offering the special packages for the visitors. The special offer is to have a full day and night party which starts just before the sunset. The sunset at this island is a treat to watch specially if you are riding on a boat and there is a party scene. So, if you are going to visit this island then do not miss a boat party. I bet, you would love the day by saying “a day well spent in the sea”. You need to book the advance tickets for boat parties as it will help you to stay away from any inconvenience. Some of the bookings get closed many days before the party. You must have to keep this factor in mind while planning your holidays in Ibiza Island.

Boat Parties
Ibiza’s Music bars, Sunset bars, and Bar-Lounges

Ibiza Island offers free-entry bars for the visitors with cheaper drinks. Drinking makes you feel relax and if there is music in the bar then you would love to spend some time there. I would recommend you to get some doses of drinks before entering into a nightclub as you would feel relaxed and enthusiastic. Dancing after getting drunk is one the most amazing feelings in the world. I would surely mention some of the most amazing music bars of Ibiza here: –

  • Rio Ibiza – Bar-Lounge
  • Kumharas – Sunset Bar
  • Number 5 – Bar-Lounge
  • Bambuddha – Bar-Lounge
  • Dunes – Bar-Lounge
  • Inhalar Ibiza – Bar-Lounge
  • Flaherty’s Irish Pub Ibiza – Bar-Lounge
  • Linekers Ibiza – Bar-Lounge
  • Savannah – Sunset Bar
  • Café Mambo – Sunset Bar
  • Itaca – Bar-Lounge
  • Ibiza Rocks Diner – Bar-Lounge
  • Tantra – Bar-Lounge
  • Ibiza Rocks Bar – Bar-Lounge

Sunset café is one of the most popular bars in this region of the world. I would recommend you to visit it before going to a nightclub. Most of these bars stays open for late at night where you can enjoy drinks, sunset, music, and dance. Do not miss to learn some cultural dance steps while visiting this heavenly place on earth.

Ibiza’s Music bars, Sunset bars, and Bar-Lounges

Beach Clubs in Ibiza

There is not any lack of beach clubs in Ibiza. Beach club parties are quite famous in Ibiza. I will share the list of beach clubs located in this region of the world. I would recommend you to attend, at least, one of the beach club party while your stay here in Ibiza. Here is the list: –

  • Nikki Beach Ibiza
  • Tropicana Ibiza Beach Club
  • Tanit Beach Ibiza
  • Amante Beach Club
  • Santos Ibiza Coast Club
  • Nassau
  • Elements Ibiza
  • Beaconhouse Ibiza
  • Sa Trinxa
  • Sir Rocco
  • El Chiringuito Es Cavallet
  • Blue Marlin
  • Atzaro Beach
  • CBbC Ibiza
  • Cotton Beach Club

All of these clubs have their own attractive features which will surely make you feel relaxed and luxurious during your stay in Ibiza.

Beach Clubs in IbizaTuesday Night at Amnesia and Thursday Night at Ushuaia

Ibiza knows what is best for your nightlife. Amnesia club has the arrangements for the Tuesday nights in which top-class music have been played and people anxiously wait for the Tuesday during 16 weeks. You must have to plan for attending one of these parties during your visit to this island. Missed Tuesday night party? No worries, the island have much better plan for you at Ushuaia as Ushuaia arranges parties for the visitors every Thursday night. Some of the famous DJs have performed in these parties last year and the expectations of high-class performances are present there this year. Dystopia, Kygo, and Guetta have performed their skills in dancing music during these parties. I would recommend you to attend Tuesday night party at Amnesia and Thursday night party at Ushuaia during your visit to Ibiza Island. So, you need to consult internet resources about the parties and performances prior to your visit to Ibiza Island. Moreover, book the tickets in advance as these nights are quite famous and the tickets are sold in a flash. I hope you will enjoy a lot during your appearance in these musical shows.

Tuesday Night at Amnesia and Thursday Night at Ushuaia

Are you a Solo Visitor? Ibiza welcomes you!

Spanish people are one of the liveliest peoples in the world. If you do not have a group of friends but you still want to visit a place and enjoy then Ibiza Island is the perfect for you. Ibiza is famous for the parties and solo travelers have the opportunity to visit this place for enjoying with the international crowd. You will surely find friends there as the people of Ibiza welcome travelers. I would recommend you to visit during the months of May and September if you are alone. These months are the busiest months on this island as it has best weather conditions during these two months. The rain is also expected during these months and you know, rain on a beach makes you feel amazing and joyful. Moreover, night parties and sunset bars also waits for you on Ibiza Island. I would recommend you to visit the historical places in the Ibiza Town as well. It will be one of the best trips of your life, even, if you are traveling alone. Ibiza beaches are the best one for the solo visitors.

Are you a Solo Visitor? Ibiza welcomes you

Sunset on Ibiza Island

People ask most often about what is the best thing on Ibiza Island? After getting enough knowledge and information about the island, I want to give a statement that the sunset at the west coast of the Ibiza Island is the reason why people visit this lively place. There are many other reasons including clubbing, beaching, drinking, dancing, and most importantly relaxing. So, if you are planning to visit this amazing island then you have to visit the west coast for watching the perfect scene of the sunset from the middle of the sea during a boat party. If you are planning to visit then make a plan which makes you feel super all the time. This island will not let you leave it quite easily and you will take a lot of memories from here which you gathered during the nights on this island.

Party Season on Ibiza Island

The parties on Ibiza island are some of the most famous parties in the world. The part season begins in the first month of May and ends in the last week of October. There are hundreds of parties between these days which are waiting for all of us. Ibiza offers boat parties, beach parties, dance parties, and many others to make people feel “above the horizon”. The season opens in the first month of May and the opening parties are always most enthusiastic and enjoyable. O Beach Ibiza, a famous beach club of Ibiza, has an event of Poolside Sessions on the 3rd of May which you should have to attend. “House in Paradise” is another event which would be hosted by O Beach Ibiza on 5th of May, 2019. You must have to keep an eye on these events if you are looking to visit this island during the opening season. Here is the list of the opening parties of Ibiza nightclubs: –

  • Amnesia Ibiza will host the opening party on 11th of May, 2019.
  • Eden Ibiza has announced the date of its opening party which will be on 3rd of June, 2019.
  • Heart Ibiza has announced the date for its opening party which will be on 23rd of May, 2019.
  • Hi Ibiza will open the season on 18th of May, 2019.
  • Ibiza Rocks will open the season on 17th of May, 2019.
  • Ushuaia Beach Clubs announced the opening date as 18th of May, 2019.

The clubs start closing the season in the months of September-October. Some of the clubs have announced their closing party dates and the details of them are as below: –

  • Glitterbox Closing Party – 6 October, 2019
  • The Zoo Project Closing Party – 6 October, 2019
  • O Beach Ibiza Closing Party – 4 October, 2019
  • Music On Closing Party – 3 October, 2019
  • HotBed Closing Party – 2 October, 2019
  • Kisstory Closing Party – 1 October, 2019
  • Hed Kandi Closing Party – 30 September, 2019
  • Lost In Ibiza Boat Closing Party – 25 September, 2019

These are some of the main events in the opening and closing season of the Ibiza Island parties. You must have to keep these parties in mind as they are the most amazing parties in the world. I would recommend you to visit in the opening season as everyone refreshes during the opening days of the season and the hotness stays on peak during these days. Some people love to join the closing parties as well. So, you have both options in your mind now and you can decide which is more suitable for you.

Party Season on Ibiza IslandParty Season on Ibiza Island

The Top Nightclubs in Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for the nightlife amusement for the young generation of the current era. Ibiza has a lot of offering in this regard. The nightlife of Ibiza is famous all across the world which attracts the people from every part of the world. Nightclubs, beach clubs, boat parties, bars, and pubs are the main parts of the nightlife in Ibiza. Ibiza has some of the world-class nightclubs which have huge reputation all across the world. You will see international gathering in these clubs and the island hosts entertainment lovers from all across the world. The tourism is the main soul of the Ibiza Island. Ibiza will not let you feel down if you have a great gathering and even if you are alone visitor. There are the opportunities for the virgin visitors as well. The virgin visitors are the one which enjoy the most on this island. In this part of the guide, I will discuss the most amazing nightclubs of Ibiza in detail. Let us start with the world’s best nightclub Amnesia Ibiza.

Amnesia Ibiza

Amnesia is the most famous and best club on this island. It is, even, the best nightclub in the world as well, as it has won the best nightclub award for three consecutive year 2007, 2008, and 2009. It has also won the award of best global club award in 2011. The address of the club is Ctra. Ibiza a San Antonio, Km 5, Ibiza, Spain. The owner of the club is Martin Ferrer and the club was established in 1976.

Amnesia Ibiza can hold a larger number of the visitors at a time. 5000 people can enjoy themselves in a perfect part environment in this club at a time. The club has a glass roof which emits the hundreds of different colors of light. The club has two big rooms and a terrace which is quite expensive as compared to the ground. The club is famous for hosting live shows as well. Music On and Elrow are the famous parties which Amnesia hosts every year. People from all around the world join these parties. A party costs between 49 – 60 euros for buying tickets, 15 euros for spirit and mixer, and 13 euros for Beer. So, collectively you need to spend 90 – 100 euros on average for enjoying a night at Amnesia. One thing, I want to say here that be aware of thieves during your stay inside the club. The rush and drinking can cost you heavy price if you would not take care of yourself. The club is also famous for its opening and closing season parties.

Amnesia Ibiza
Pacha Ibiza

Pacha is another one of the most famous night clubs on the Ibiza Island. Ricardo Urgell is the founder of this nightclub who founded it back in 1973. The address of this club is Av. 8 d’Agost, Ibiza, Spain. The club is a jewel in the crown of the clubbing throne. The club has an open floor plan for dancing and you will surely spend one of the best nights of your life in this club. This club is the main reason for why Ibiza is famous all across the world in terms of nightlife.

If you would ask a local about where to visit why staying in Ibiza, you will get only one reply from him as “Pacha”. A party at Pacha costs almost 80 Euros for a person including tickets and drinks. So, it is not an out of budget deal for most of the visitors. The nightclub is located near to the Ibiza Town which is the main reason why it is too busy place. Moreover, you will find famous people there in this nightclub as it is a “hub of famous people”. Solomun, F*** Me I’m Famous, and Flower Power are the famous parties which this club hosts every year. The opening and closing parties are also quite famous and in general Pacha is the king of Ibiza’s Nightclubs.

Pacha Ibiza

Ushuaia Ibiza

Ushuaia Ibiza is most modern and well-furnished nightclub on the Ibiza Island. The club was built is 2011 and from the beginning, it got huge reputation in the region. The club is located in Playa d’en Bossa and it is famous for the high-class performance and high-class DJs. The VIP section and dancers at this club are unmatchable. It is a hub of the VIPs and the club closes at 11pm at night which is quite early closing.

There are several things which contribute in making it one of the best clubs of the Ibiza Island. Some of these things are: –

  1. Outdoor Parties
  2. Outclass DJs
  3. Pool
  4. Light Shows
  5. Night Parties

ANTS and Martin Garrix are the famous parties of Ushuaia which are attended by the international crowd. An average party costs 60 – 80 euros for one person including drinks and water. You must have to look upon the dates of opening and closing season parties of the club as they are the most amazing ones. Moreover, the poolside parties also have huge reputation in this region.

Ushuaia Ibiza

Hi Ibiza

Hi Ibiza is among the list of the famous nightclubs of Ibiza Island. The club is located in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibizam Spain. The club is launched by the Ushuaia Entertainment and it has a class in itself.  The club is famous for the lightshows and it is divided into two big rooms. One room serves as a theatre while the other as a club. The club makes its visitors enjoyable by offering them music of every nature including techno, disco, trance and many more. The VIP amenities of this club are exceptional and you would love this place for sure.

It is a cost-effective place for enjoying the night as a party costs just 25 – 35 euros on average for a single person. The prices of the drinks are also reasonable. So, you can enjoy a party with drinks in about 50 euros. Not a big deal! Black Coffee and Glitter Box are the famous parties whicha re hosted by Hi Ibiza. If you want to attend the party at Hi Ibiza then you need to stay in Ibiza Town as it is closer to the nightclub. A taxi will cost you just 10 euros from Ibiza Town while it will cost 25 euros if you come from San Antonio. You can also use disco buses for travelling!

Hi IbizaPrivilege

There is no lack of world-class nightclubs in Ibiza and Privilege is a prime example in this regard. The choreography and architecture of the club make it more attractive thing on the Ibiza Island. It is the “biggest club of the whole world” and the main room is just like an aircraft’s hanger. The club is located at an ideal location which is evenly close from San Antonio, Playa d’en Bossa, and Ibiza Town. You can stay anywhere in these three locations if you want to attend a party in privilege. The transport cost would be between 10 – 15 euros from these locations to the nightclub. The club is famous in the whole world for providing exceptional shows, outstanding parties, and more importantly, due to its vastness. Resistance, SuperMartXe, and Iamarichbitch are the most famous parties which Privilege hosts. An average person spends 60 – 70 euros including ticket, transport, and drinks for attending a party in privilege nightclub. So, it is quite payable deal for all of the entertainment lovers and night owls.


Sankeys is an international brand of clubs which has a huge reputation in UK. In 2011, they opened a branch on the Ibiza Island known as Sankeys Ibiza. It is famous for the underground dancing floor and music which made it a well reputed and distinguishing club of Ibiza. You would never control yourself if you are in there and music is running on. The underground music and dance field would make you fell “Jump in the Air”. The club is located in Playa d’en Bossa and it has a good capacity of hosting 1500 people at a time in a party in there. The sound system and architecture of the Sankeys Ibiza are of high quality which makes it the first choice of underground music and dance lovers.

The club is famous for its underground (basement) music floor and the people (Warriors bandanas) working there are also a reason for its popularity. Never miss a chance of attending the Redlight and Unusual Suspect parties which are hosted by Sankeys every season. It has a low entrance price between 25 – 40 euros which is quite reasonable. If you have 50 euros then you can attend a party over there in the Sankeys with drinks. I would recommend you to book a restaurant in Playa d’en Bossa if you have a ticket for a party night but if you have other plans then you need to prefer Ibiza Town for your stay. A taxi will take you from Ibiza Town to the club in just 10 euros.


Es Paradis     

Es Paradis is another famous and high-class nightclub located in San Antonio, Ibiza. The club is also known as the most beautiful club on earth. If you would visit the club then you would feel the same as you are present at a most attractive and enjoyable place on earth. It has a firm history and it is also one of the initiators of the Ibiza nightlife charms. The club is also famous for hosting a famous water party which is known as Fiesta Del Agua. The virgin visitors are more likely to visit this club as they want to see beauty all around. There are several reasons behind the popularity of this club including its historical traits, water parties, beautiful architecture, and pyramid roof.

If you have 60 euros then you can easily attend a party in there and enjoy beer as well. I would recommend you to book a hotel room near to the club but no worries if you are far. There is a great bus network in the area and you can reach the club from any part of the Ibiza Island to the club quite cheaply. Moreover, you can use the services of the taxis as well in just 10 – 20 euros.

Es Paradis Eden

Eden is another beautiful and old club located in San Antonio. It is one of the two super-clubs located in this part of the Ibiza island. The new owner of the club redesigned its architecture and made it splendid a few years ago. After that, the club has gained huge reputation in the region and its popularity reached up to new heights. Now, it is one of the greater options to enjoy the nightlife on the largest bay of the island, San Antonio.

The club is famous for its high-class sound system which makes you feel “vibrant” and you cannot stay away form dancing in that atmosphere. The most famous party which is hosted by this club is “Defected in The House”. If you have 60 – 70 euros then you can easily attend a party at this venue and enjoy beer or vodka as well. So, it is a great opportunity for the virgin visitors to enjoy the nightlife of Ibiza in a reasonable price.

Apart from these clubs, there are several other smaller clubs which have huge reputation in the region and they are serving us by providing the charms of nightlife in Ibiza. The boat parties is another addition to the nightlife of Ibiza and there is no weekend without a couple of boat parties arranged by the clubs or locals. The people of Ibiza are amazing as they love music and dance. They also love the visitors and the place is full of love and charm. It would not be wrong to say that Ibiza has now become the synonym of nightlife. Ibiza knows what is required to fulfill the charms of the nightlife for its own people are for the foreigners as well. The virgin visitors are the one who enjoy the most on Ibiza Island but if someone comes here once then he surely comes again as well. A rise of international crowd starts with the opening of the party season in May and it ends with the closing of the season in September/October. I would recommend you to visit this place once in your life if you really want to see a dancing heaven on earth.


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After discussing the nightlife on Ibiza Island deeply, I want to conclude here that Ibiza is the place which is full of entertainment. It is famous for the parties, music, and dances. It is an international hub of the clubbers. The party season starts in May and ends in the first weekend of October. You would surely watch your favorite DJs performing in the parties in the night clubs of Ibiza Island. So, you are advised to read the party calendar for knowing the exact dates of parties. You can also book the tickets for the parties online and always try to book the tickets in advance and as soon as possible. The Thursday night and Tuesday night parties in two of the largest clubs of Ibiza are the most important things to keep in mind while planning to visit this island. Night clubs, bars, restaurants, beaches, music, dance, and drinking are the key things related to this island. There is a huge diversity in terms of clubs, bars, and restaurants on Ibiza Island. This diversity allows you to enjoy without getting much worried about your taste and budget. You will get what you desire in the limited budget as well. The nightlife starts here just before the sunset and it keeps on until the dawn. Pre-bars, sunset bars, and nightclubs keep you relaxed during your stay here. So, if you are looking for spending some quality nights then Ibiza island is the perfect place for you.       

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