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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the Gay & LGBT clubs in Leicester. (More in-depth further below)

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Leicester has some of the hottest LGBT-friendly and gay clubs out there, and the party starts here. The night is still young and it’s time to go out and live your best gay life. All you need is some good music and a place that you can feel comfortable in. We’ve got you covered! Feel the pride as you walk into these gay clubs and find yourself surrounded with people who know how to flirt, drink, and dance all at the same time. These venues pride themselves on their policy of diversity, freedom of expression, and liberty. There’s no holding back here and you’re about to find the best places to party in. Leicester has some hidden gems when it comes to gay clubs!

Planning to go out clubbing for the night but confused about where to go? This is our ultimate rundown and review of the best gay & LGBT clubs in Leicester, categorized based on factors such as popularity, cost, location, dress code, and more! Now all you have to do is pick one.

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1. Club Helsinki

Club Helsinki Leicester

With hanging fluorescent lights and a sick playlist, Club Helsinki is a thriving gay and LGBT-friendly nightclub in Leicester. DJ Rob Lambeth is the resident DJ, making sure to entertain you with the perfect mixture of house, dance, and hip hop tunes. Great drinks deals will have you and your mates buzzing all night, with six shot cocktail buckets for just £10. Another ‘Quids In’ deal applies on Mondays and Wednesdays on selected drinks, with treats such as a pint of Fosters for £2.50, double house spirit and mixer £2.50 and a jager bomb for £2.00. To top it all off, the club often has featured live music nights which keep the party super lively.

2. The Dover Castle

Dover Castle Leicester

The Dover Castle claims to be one of UK’s oldest gay venues. This bar and club is LGBT-friendly and open to all sorts of crowds. Weekly, they have something different going on including regular cabaret nights, karaoke, games, and open mic nights. There’s also a DJ night on Saturday that allows for a club-like dancing and drinking atmosphere. It’s a very casual and relaxed environment, with room for a lot of fun activities. According to reviews, the staff is always friendly and the entertainment is great! It’s almost as if The Dover Castle is as diverse in its party activities as it is in its people.

3. R Bar

R Bar isn’t just an ordinary gay club; it also hosts one of the hottest day and night parties out there. The venue has two floors and also a spacious, intimate garden where you can chill out with your friends. The environment is friendly and open to diverse crowds. The dress code is chic elegant and usually, people dress to impress. Here you will find the sort of people you want to meet and party every weekend with! So bring your A-Game because it’s time to have some fun! 

4. Rainbow & Dove 

Rainbow & Dove Leicester

Found in 2002, Rainbow and Dove is a gem when it comes to gay and LGBT clubs. Hidden away behind Granby Street, this venue is a cool stylish bar with a great atmosphere for club nights. The friendly staff makes customers feel right at home but there’s nothing too cozy here because it gets hot and heavy as the night goes on. The dance floor allows ample space to let yourself loose with your gay friends. Moreover, this place also has a fairly great range of drinks with pints, cocktails, and vodka promotion deals. And of course, everybody is more than welcome here. A judgment-free zone, Rainbow and Dove warmly welcomes all kinds of people.

5. Streetlife

Streetlife leicester

Streetlife Leicester, as the name suggests, is the ultimate destination for that fast and electric nightlife you’ve been looking for. The clubbing starts when darkness falls, and goes on till the sun rises. Extra welcoming to the gay community, this venue has two floors that are open to everyone. For the past 20 years, people have come to Streetlife to party as the name has always been popular. The venue was re-branded since then and gone through a couple of new changes, but has still kept many of its original rustic features which give it an edge. Moreover, this venue has played a big part in gay pride events within Leicester. It has one of the best lighting set-ups in the entire city perfect for a clubbing environment, and is renowned for all its good vibes.

In Conclusion

Need a nice club for some night time dancing? Want to get down and dirty with your gay friends? Choose any one of these dope clubs and let your true colors come out.