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The LGBT community is well served by a host of clubs welcoming them in with open arms. There is an entire district called the Gay Quarter in Sheffield where most of the LGBT clubs are located. These clubs regularly host drag shows, karaoke nights and other fun events. There are cocktails, fruity drinks, wines and other spirits available at the bar. There is a party happening every weekend at one of these venues. The clubs are also very popular with the students because they have very late closing hours. Choose any of these venues for your next night out and you will not be disappointed with your experience.

We have searched for and looked at all the clubs in the city to find the Top 5 Gay & LGBT clubs in Liverpool. So don’t worry about anything but choosing the club you want to party at! We have all the information you will need for a fun night out; the cost, the location, the dress code and more!

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1. Heaven


Situated in the heart of the hustle-bustle of Liverpool’s center is the ever-vibrant Heaven Liverpool Nightclub. Just a few steps from this club is the iconic streets Eberle and Stanley, known for drag nights and LGBT themed events. Heaven is a massively busy club, boasting attendance from some of the most well-known names in drag, such as Naomi Smalls, Coco Pop, and Gia Gunn. Heaven remains one of the top queer clubs in Liverpool with a modern and contemporary aesthetic that hosts some of the wildest nights of the local queer scene and is a staple for your queer tourism in the UK. 

2. The Lisbon

The Lisbon

The Lisbon is a queer club in Liverpool that welcomes people from all across the LGBTQ spectrum. The venue serves as a Restaurant, Nightclub and bar. The Lisbon often has themed nights that have been curated to celebrate the queer community and bring us together. Lisbon’s specialties include our breakfast menu and our costume nights for unparalleled fun. The Lisbon is a fantastic place for the LGBTQ+ community of Liverpool to have a safe and niche place for everyone to have fun. The Lisbon remains a top pick for your queer tourism destinations.

3. GBar


Gbar is at the heart of the LGBTQ+ scene in Liverpool – the busy club is kept alive by the eclectic performances by drag legends as well as various other well-known DJs. You can find yourself having the time of your life in the many rooms, such as the unorthodox Church room, the Bass-ment, and the Boosh Room, where all the strangeness and queerness of the community is in full display.

4. Superstar Boudoir

Superstar Boudoir

Superstar Boudoir is a theatrical venue with performances from entertaining drag queens to queer musicians and the hottest DJs in Liverpool. The club offers a unique queer experience to their patrons and is a must-visit for any tourists in the city. Superstar Boudoir is a celebration of queerness in Liverpool and remains to be one of the most entertaining queer clubs in the city, with various amenities like live performances and of course the regular dance and clubbing scene for a night of partying away your worries. The Club is a queer-friendly space where everyone is welcome and can interact with each other for an inclusive and entertaining evening.

5. Popworld


Popworld focuses on a late-night bar, with a specific focus on cheese style! the atmosphere will be fun-loving the place will be filled with like-minded people. The theme of the place is POP! we play cheesy pop tunes and have a great range of cocktails for everyone to enjoy their night. The venue has an amazing aesthetic that sets it apart from the other clubs in the city and is an engaging and unique experience.

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In Conclusion

There are a number of reasons you should visit these clubs but the top one is that they have a welcoming attitude and promote an environment that is accepting of people no matter how weird they are. Everyone always ends up at these clubs because of their friendly atmosphere and late closing time. Don’t miss these clubs out on your next trip to Liverpool.

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