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When it comes to techno music, there is no doubt that takes one straight to a feeling of achieving higher peace. What’s fascinating about Techno music is that in it always is a sense of stepping away from the norm, and no one embodies this phenomenon better than the upholders of techno culture – clubs. While most clubs are relaxed and casual and make you feel like home, the music and decor is all you need to be transported to a place of techno bliss. Most clubs are very focused on improving their sound quality and place a special interest in getting hypnotic LED lights.

If you’re looking for the best techno clubs to visit while you’re in Liverpool, here is a comprehensive list of five clubs that play techno music! All you need to do to get information about the club listed is to click on the window to learn more about opening hours, age limits, and more. 

Moving on to the list: 

1. North Shore Troubadour 

Inspired by the sea ports in northern Liverpool, the North Shore Troubadour club features a nautical theme.  The two room venue has enough space for more than 300 people, and gives you the perfect space and decor for a nautical night of your dreams! For bands and artists, the club also hosts rehearsal spaces.

2. Heebie Jeebies

When you’re in Liverpool and you really want to get a real sense of the underground techno music scene, Heebie Jeebies is the ultimate spot. The mood lighting and decor in their EBGBS basement is perfect if you just want to feel a little grounded. If the underground feel isn’t what you’re looking for, you can go straight towards the upper floors where you can enjoy pop techno and R&B music.

3. Kingdom Liverpool

Situated right on the Harrington street in Liverpool is the Kingdom Nightclub. With it’s brilliant and fancy decor, the Kingdom nightclub is the ultimate pit-stop for techno enthusiasts who enjoy a neat night out. The sophisticated club is perfect for anyone looking for a quintessentially Liverpool experience – good fun, hypnotizing music, amazing drinks, and all the dancing space you can ask for. 

4. LEVEL Nightclub

When it comes to the nightlife in Liverpool, the place that LEVEL has is completely unmatched. The three floors on the club are set to life every night with non-stop music all set to transform your mind and soul. The stage at LEVEL is energised with the best names in the world of techno, making the club the ultimate destination for anyone wanting to liven up the night.

5. Fusion


Liverpool’s own concert square transforms into a lively clubbing space every night because of the ever-bright Fusion nightclub. With the club’s history of hosting brilliant DJs known in the businesses as the top of their craft, and in-house music that brings anyone to the dance floor, Fusion is poised to be the greatest clubbing sensation in Liverpool. The space is perfect for a night out with friends involving drinking and dancing.

In Conclusion

All of these lists have been curated by locals with the best experience to know what the best spaces are in the city. Whether you’re looking for a night out drinking, dancing, or just relaxing with your friends, all of these techno clubs are the best places to hit as you explore the city.

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