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House music have developed a loyal following over the years. A lot of times, people who like house music do not even attempt to listen to any other type of music. And here at Nightflow, we completely respect that decision. So if you’re someone who prefers house music as your genre of choice when you go out dancing the night away, then you should check out the clubs we have in store for you! We have shortlisted the creme de la creme, of clubs in Liverpool that either only play house music or feature it in all of their nightly playlists.So if you want to party the night away with your friends at a house music club, then you should make sure to check out one or all of the clubs we have listed below!

If you’re looking for the best techno clubs to visit while you’re in Liverpool, here is a comprehensive list of seven clubs that play house music! All you need to do to get information about the club listed is to click on the window to learn more about opening hours, age limits, and more. 

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Since opening their doors in 1997 MODO has been a premiere nightclub in Liverpool. The establishment has multiple venues indoors and outdoors and offers amazing cocktails and themed nights. The club has a bar, rooftop seating, club rooms and private lounges for a diverse experience. The club offers live music and talented DJs to hype up the crowds for a memorable night in Liverpool.

2. North Shore Troubadour

North Shore Troubadour

North Shore Troubadour is a fascinating nautical themed nightclub situated in northern Liverpool. The venue is affiliated with AE productions, which gives it an edge when it comes to the ultimate high quality music that all nightclub goers can enjoy. The general vibe of the club is one of comfort and fun, which combined with the brilliantly themed space can ensure a night of good fun while staying relaxed and casual.

3. Heebie Jeebies

Heebie Jeebies

As a hub of Liverpool’s Indie/techno music, Heebie Jeebie’s is the ultimate place for a fun night of good music, dancing, drinking, and fun. Included in the three floors of this nightclub is the EBGBS basement, built with beautiful brick walls and decor to make you feel like you’re in an underground concert.

4. Fusion


The Concert Square in Liverpool is brightened up every night by the exciting Fusion Liverpool Nightclub, a lively nightclub which is known for hosting a wide array of talented DJs and including regular in-house live music. For the perfect night out, you can show up to Fusion, enjoy some of their drinks, and dance on the floor all night long. Students are encouraged to come with regular student nights and discounts!

5. Kingdom Liverpool

Kingdom Liverpool

Kingdom is a nightclub and dance club located on Harrington Street, Liverpool. This club mixes fabulous design, famous DJs and much more in just one visit. Moreover, the club itself is decked with sophistication in the form of fancy booths, a big dance area, and a striking bar in the middle to make a grand first impression on anyone who steps foot in the club. Moreover, the club plays a wide variety of genres, ranging from funk, soul, disco, and even jazz. In addition, the club also has a strict dress code policy, which requires a fancy get up.

6. Electrik Warehouse

Electrik Warehouse

This nightclub is home to the biggest rock, indie and alternative music nights in Liverpool. The bar consists of vibrant wall murals and neon lights, booths and industrial materials for a laid back and chill environment. Moreover, this club is also quite popular amongst the university crowd because of the affordable drink prices as well as the music roster that changes from day to day. The music genres range from party mash-ups to rock and indie music. Furthermore, this club is perfect for going clubbing or catching drinks after work with friends or coworkers.

7. Circo


Drama Club exudes sophistication, class and glamour. It is designed to provide an ultimate experience to party lovers who want to spend the night in style. Once inside, expect the unexpected, the unlimited fun and the unpredictable drama that it brings until wee hours of the next morning. Celebrities Ashley James and Lindsay Lohan are two famous personalities who visited the place.

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 House music clubs are becoming more popular by the day, and we made sure we told you about the best ones in Liverpool!

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