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Montpellier is the popular most gay-friendly city for locals and tourists alike especially during the summer season. Living a gay life in Montpellier is rather easy, with a very open population and optimal living conditions. Montpellier’s gay district is located around the Place du Marché aux Fleurs, in the historic center. Expect some gay parties outside of the city and Driving south you will find very active gay beaches. Montpelier legalized same-sex activity in 1791 and gay marriage in 2013. Gay Montpellier offers a long and well-established LGBT presence with plenty of gay beaches, bars, saunas, and organizations. The Lesbian & Gay Pride in June is the city’s main gay event, attracting huge crowds.

1. Heat Club Montpellier

Heat Club Montpellier

Purple is a nightclub located on 2 Rue Castellane, Toulouse, located in the city center this trendy nightclub welcomes chic clientele, 30 to 40 years old that are looking for a great place to dance and have fun. In this night club dominant color is purple, as a matter of fact this is how the club got its name, subdued and cozy, special and sophisticated interior create a pleasant atmosphere. Soft colors and lights define the interior of the club, subdued atmosphere lets you have private moments with your friends, and when you are ready to party you can hit the dance floor. They have a VIP saloon that is very secluded and spacious, luxury snacks are offered all night and they are a real treat, plates of foie gras, smoked salmon.. etc.

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Montpellier has a small but decent gay scene thus up-and-coming LGBT travel destinations. By day there are plenty of sexy French boys and girls picnicking in tranquil parks, wandering stately boulevards or lazing in the iconic bistros of gay Montpellier but sundown when this sleepy town really comes alive. Supported by a strong and lively LGBTQ community, the art house theaters welcomes LGBT film festivals. Pride is celebrated each year in mid-July.

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