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Montpellier is a medieval town center that attracts visitors from around the world. Montpellier is also a modern metropolis, open to contemporary architecture, science, culture, and recreation. It is a southern city full of traditional and contemporary treasures, Montpellier is a Mediterranean crossroads, a charming and exceptional destination and you will certainly enjoy your nightlife experience. The parties in the streets always start late at night and go on until dawn. In the city center, most bars & restaurants have their outside tables open all night offering service to passersby. There are fairly enough dance clubs. The warm evenings and relaxed atmosphere make Montpellier one of France’s pleasant cities for an evening out; many of the bars and clubs are located around Place Jean Jaurés in the Old Town.

1. Le Cargo Montpellier

Le Cargo is a nightclub located in 5 Rue du Grand Saint-Jean, Montpelier just a few steps from the Saint-Roch station. It is a very well-known nightclub and cocktail bar in Montpelier. This bar-discotheque is famous for hosting some of the craziest student parties. Le Cargo spans across two floors, there is a mezzanine space that is overlooking the dance floor and two bars with always polite and charming barmaids. Atmosphere here is always relaxed, interior is decorated in a fancy and modern way and nights you spent here are always memorable. Nightclub is open from Wednesday to Saturday usually from 11.00pm all the way to 05.00am.

2. Heat Club Montpellier

Heat is a nightclub located less than 20 km from Montpellier garrigue side, in Rue du Mas de Grille. Since 2011, the Heat Club has redefined the codes of the night, with its completely new musical genre in the night scene. It is a synthesis of hip-hop and house culture that provided Heat with a special place in clubbing scene of south-eastern France. Nightclub started growing in popularity and image with its specific artistic vision and local as well as international artists. With Paris Hilton, Drake, Damso, Fat Joe, DJ Snake, Cut Killer, Heat slowly paved its way into crazy nightlife of Montpellier.

In Conclusion

These exotic and swanky bars are just awesome and worth visiting. No doubt, Montpellier has some of the classic and cozy bars to cater to your boozing needs . There is a delightful and amazing combination of food and booze that pushes the limits of Nightlife entertainment and adds a great value to your night out.

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