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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Montpellier

1) Le Cargo Montpellier

Le Cargo Montpellier is a nightclub located in 5 Rue du Grand Saint-Jean, Montpelier just a few steps from the Saint-Roch station. It is a very well-known nightclub and cocktail bar in Montpelier. This bar-discotheque is famous for hosting some of the craziest student parties. Le Cargo spans across two floors, there is a mezzanine space that is overlooking the dance floor and two bars with always polite and charming barmaids. Atmosphere here is always relaxed, interior is decorated in a fancy and modern way and nights you spent here are always memorable. Nightclub is open from Wednesday to Saturday usually from 11.00pm all the way to 05.00am.

2) Le Fizz Montpellier

Le Fizz Montpellier is a small disco on two levels which agitates the Montpellier nights every week for more than 25 years. Club was opened in 1993. For that time Le Fizz nightclub has become a go-to student spot for late evening parties and nightlife. Young people from Erasmus also frequent this establishment. Interior of the nightclub is very unique and modern. Le Fizz is a small club and its whole interior resembles a tunnel, cool lights however give it a spacious appeal. Lights that look like neon tubes are implemented on the tunnel ceiling, and they really change the atmosphere and the mood of the place at night time. Le Fizz is a very friendly and festive venue. It opens its doors from Wednesday to Sunday from 12.00am to 05.00am.

3) LE MILK Montpellier

LE MILK Montpellier is a nightclub that opened its doors to public in 2009. It is located at Le Colisée Complex in Saint-Jean de Vedas, since its opening it has grabbed massive attention and overtime it became a clubbing reference in the South of France. If you are looking for great atmosphere in Montpellier nightlife scene this establishment is a must. Le Milk welcomes party goers who want relaxation and wild atmosphere in a great ambience. Constant pursuit of excellence and greater service led Milk to a national crowning glory at the 2015 Night Awards, winning the “Most beautiful terrace award”. Establishment is very modern and spacious. Lights on the walls and state of the art ceiling lights take atmosphere to a whole new level. Luxurious VIP spaces mix with a pure DanceFloor and they are capable of welcoming all types of public, according to different events that are planned for that week.

4) Pz City Club Montpellier

Pz City Club Montpellier is a 2-level discotheque formerly known as the Zero Point, it has existed in Montpellier nightlife scene since 1995. Located in the city center of Montpellier, between tram stops Louis Blanc and Albert 1st line 1 and near the faculties. Nightclub changed its name to PZ Club when they did a complete makeover and club rebranding in 2014. Club attracted young Erasmus students in the past, but today because of their popularity they have reached a far wider clientele. Pz City Club consists of two rooms that are modern and nicely decorated. These two rooms feature entirely different sounds, and that is one reason why this club is so special. One room is more like tech, house techno room, while other open floor room is predominantly funky music. Total capacity of the club is around 500 people. Pz City Club is open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight to around 05.00 or 06.00 am. There are 18 tables with approximately 60 seats.

5) Heat Club Montpellier

Heat Club Montpellier is a nightclub located less than 20 km from Montpellier garrigue side, in Rue du Mas de Grille. Since 2011, the Heat Club has redefined the codes of the night, with its completely new musical genre in the night scene. It is a synthesis of hip-hop and house culture that provided Heat with a special place in clubbing scene of south-eastern France. Nightclub started growing in popularity and image with its specific artistic vision and local as well as international artists. With Paris Hilton, Drake, Damso, Fat Joe, DJ Snake, Cut Killer, Heat slowly paved its way into crazy nightlife of Montpellier.

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