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Gonzo Zurich, Guide & Review

Looking for a compact cellar nightclub with edgy rock and pop nights, favoring guitar-led music, plus live bands. Night club in Zürich, Switzerland. The ambiance at the Gonzo Club in Zurich‘s Langstrasse is alternative, loud, and laid-back.

Everyone feels at home at the Gonzo. The easy-going underground club on Langstrasse lures guests on to the dance floor with the sound of rock guitar music. With live concerts and regular parties under the name of “Halbstark” or “Disco Biscuit”, the Gonzo’s hosts delight dance enthusiasts through to the early hours of the morning and set themselves apart from other Zurich clubs that favor mostly electronic music. The Gonzo is not easy to find, as there is no name or anything similar lit up in bright lights over the entrance. But if you suddenly wonder about all the young people who seem to be waiting patiently in front of a call box, you have found the club.

Small cellar club with trashy decoration, a small dance floor and a laid-back crowd. The constantly overcrowded smoker’s room is perfect to “meet new people”. Music is a mix of rock, hiphop & oldies. Zurich’s hottest nightclub is gonzo. Set in an abandoned bunker this club has everything: a swing, a weird smoking room, and hipsters” – Stefon

Basement dive with live music and cool decor. This is one of my favorite places to go dancing in Zuerich. Inside it’s filled with pop culture references, dark humour decor and a grungy atmosphere. Definitely worth a visit, the best Langstrasse club so far. Great little club. And on top of that, absolutely fair drink prices. Top.

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