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Goya Social Club Madrid, Guide & Review

Goya Social Club is a small club with a capacity of just 200 people. However, this night club has become one of the most favorite spots for party goers in Madrid. The d├ęcor of the club is quite notable; a subtle blend of an industrial space meets a clandestine atmosphere. The night club is exclusive and stands out from other nightclubs due to several reasons. The sound quality, the music selection, the mix of performing DJs and artists and the location of the club.

For those music lovers who are looking for a small space to enjoy electronic and deep house music, Goya Social is just the perfect place. The sound system is something which makes the club really stands out. The drinks here are actually something to talk about as they are not only cheap but also really great.

This is one-night club in Madrid which you will find booked on all nights. However, if you are in for an experience of a lifetime when in Madrid, Goya Social is definitely one of those clubs which you need to visit at least once.

This is the ultimate guide to Goya Social Club, Madrid. Find out everything you need to know about the drink prices here, the directions to get to the club, what to expect when you get there, what you need to wear, and what kind of crowds you will find here.

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