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Joy Eslava Madrid, Guide & Review

Introducing a completely new concept which was previously unknown to Spain, Club Joy Eslava actively brought macro disco to the country during the 1980’s. Since then, Joy Eslava has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike in Madrid. A small scale venue with some of the greatest international artists having displayed their talents here, Club Joy Eslava has become synonymous with ‘live concerts, full of excitement and beautiful music’ in Madrid.

One of the few clubs which is open all year round, Club Joy Eslava never seems to take a break! The club that always keeps going, Joy Eslava is one of the best places in town to meet interesting people of all age groups. With different, exciting events being held every single night of the year, you will experience a new flavour at Joy Eslava every single time you visit.

One of the top rated clubs in the entire country, Joy Eslava has been a popular favourite for party lovers for over 20 years now. One of the best things about this club is that it makes space to fit in everyone; whether you are going in solo, you are a group of young party lovers in their 20’s, or you are in our 30’s just looking for a great night of drinking and dancing. Club Joy Eslava is for everyone!

This is the ultimate guide to Club Joy Eslava, Madrid. You will find out everything you need to know about the club, how you can get there, what you need to wear, and what you can expect here.

Joy Eslava Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

If you find yourself in the heart of all the nightlife, fun and excitement of Spain; Madrid, then Joy Eslava is definitely a nightclub that you would want to visit. This former theatre has transformed itself into a massive nightclub venue, now known as one of the most popular spots in Madrid.

If you wish to enjoy a memorable night out at Joy Eslava, you will definitely need to follow their strict dress code. The club enforces this strict dress code in order to keep up the image of beauty, style, and decorum at this club.

Here is a guide on the dress code policy of Joy Eslava, Madrid.

Dress code guide for the Ladies

The dress code guide for Joy Eslava is strictly Smart Casuals. Even though the dress code policy for the club states ‘Casual’, at Joy Eslava, it is implied that casual means dressed well! So for the ladies, this means bringing out a beautiful club outfit like a dress, a top paired with a skirt, trousers or even jeans.

As for the shoes, opt for a nice pair of high heels. Avoid wearing any kind of sports shoes or even casual shoes like sneakers. Probably best to avoid things like ripped jeans and shorts, unless they happen to be designer and really classy.

When it comes to your hair, opt for a nice hairstyle with flowy hair, which always looks great in any club outfit. You can have your hair up too in a messy bun. Decorate it with some trendy hair accessories and you are ready to go.

Finally, if you have any tattoos, they are always welcome! However, keep in mind that you need to maintain certain decorum when you are there. Avoid overexposing yourself, as it may get you in trouble at Joy Eslava!

Dress code guide for the Gents

The Smart Casual dress code for men equals smart, collared shirts, smart jeans and a great pair of formal shoes. You can even opt for a jacket or a blazer during the winter months, and wear a nice sweatshirt underneath. It is best to avoid ripped jeans, shorts, cargos, and sandals or flip-flops.

When it comes to your shoes, always opt for the best. A good pair of shoes can really make a strong first impression for you.

As for your hair and beard, one of the biggest rules of this club is to come very well groomed. A shaggy beard and untidy hair will cause the security at the front door to drive you back. So keep a neat and tidy haircut like a buzz cut, a fade cut or even long hair which has been styled well. A neat beard would be well appreciated.

Tattoos are always welcome. Of course, with the strict dress code enforced, you would hardly get an opportunity to show off any tattoos in intimate places!

Our suggestions

Joy Eslava is pretty strict when it comes to its dress code. It is best to follow the rules when it comes to partying at this club. Visit the official website and take a look at the party pictures to get an idea of what you can and cannot wear to Joy Eslava.

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