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Shoko Club in Madrid is more of a chameleon than just a party venue. This night club beautifully transforms itself into anything that the event being held there calls for. Located in the famous district of La Latina in Madrid, Shoko Club has become one of the most popular spots for parties, concerts and live shows.

The crowds that visit Shoko Club are those who love to make the most of their night; no matter no tiring the rest of their day has been. These are crowds with unlimited energy and an excessive desire for exploration and interaction. Shoko Club is just the right place to find like minded people of this sort.

The d├ęcor of Shoko Club is moulded after a swanky, Japanese appeal. This venue is a restaurant by day, and slowly transforms into the ultimate party destination by night. With two floors to offer its patrons, Shoko Club has two distinct atmospheres which party goers can explore; the Main Room, more commonly known as the Great Hall, and the upper floor known as the Crystal Hall.

Open four nights a week, Shoko Club presents a completely new and unique program every night of the week. With some of the most famous international artists paying a visit to this club, either to enjoy the parties, or to perform their own sets, Shoko Club is the best party destination in Madrid.

This is the ultimate guide to Shoko Club, Madrid. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines, the directions to get to Shoko, the drink prices, VIP tables, and so much more.

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