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Heart Club Vienna, Guide & Review

Heart Club is the ultimate good news for night owls in Vienna. The unique, advanced ambiance has got every party-animal in the house. Heart Club empathized with Viennese people’s need to have some go-to-place when there’s an unstoppable urge to have a thrilling night out experience. Heart Club is one of the newest nightclubs in Vienna which has instantly won over the hearts of partiers. Come over to see the reveling nights at Heart Club, along with your party, special person, or an old friend.
The dance floor is huge enough to contain your immense craziness amidst the large crowd. the LED lights installed all over the place create a dramatic effect that plays its charm over every visitor. The state-of-the-art sound system creates a reverberating musical environment that is necessary to elate the crowd’s spirits. The DJ booth is placed right in front of the dance floor where our DJs play the eclectic collection of music. Besides, the strobe lights and the music get you going all night long. The bar and the bartenders are just as amazing as the other features of this club. The bartenders always hand you the drink with an amicable smile. Champagne, wine, cocktails, and much more is hoarded in our drinks collection.
The VIP area and the private room has comfortable large sofas and the environment is the ultimate chic. Those who are interested to spend their night/s in customized style can avail of our VIP and private room/s. Heart Club is also available for private events of any kind and magnitude. To book your upcoming event with us, you only have to write us through the online available form on our official website.
Experience the ultimate joyous nights at Heart Club. Come along you party to grab the night while it’s still young.

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