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Hip hop is such a fun genre to dance to and what better place to go dancing than at a club? Everybody from party animals and college nerds to your casual Friday hangout group listens to hip hop on a daily. Even though we don’t want to admit it – being part of the somewhat overdone and slightly-but-still-not-so overrated hip hop culture – we all secretly love it and can’t live without it. Besides, if you’ve ever tried to dance or sing along to hip hop, you know exactly how addictive it is. The catchy lyrics, the tunes that get stuck in your head and the sick bars, leave nothing behind to lack. And all the while in Leicester, some of the hottest nightclubs party to hip hop anthems every night! Now if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can bet you’re missing out on the city’s hottest scene. But you don’t have to anymore!

Planning to go out clubbing for the night but confused about where to go? This is our ultimate rundown and review of the best hip hop clubs in Leicester, categorized based on factors such as popularity, cost, location, dress code, and more! Now all you have to do is pick one.

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1. Havana

HavanaHavana is Leicester’s longest running RnB and house music venue. This nightclub pioneered the concept of underground clubbing and has remained at the forefront; committed to innovation with a passionate and eclectic music policy. Havana is a lively, upbeat venue that is popular with a fun, chic and energetic crowd. It has comfortable seating areas, stylish, modern décor and an unparalleled sound and lighting system. The focus always seems to be on fantastic music, great DJs and an electric atmosphere. There are few venues that can match its originality and zest, coupled with a long heritage and the experience of being under the same ownership for nearly 38 years.

2. The Basement

The Basement

The Basement is named aptly considering the club’s chill, low-key, basement vibe. A lively venue, this club stays open late on most days throughout the week all just to host the best party nights in Leicester. There are guest DJs every night, all of whom bring dope playlists to the table, the likes of which range from hip hop, jazz, soul, funk and RnB. With classic cocktails only for £5.75, this is also a fairly affordable place. Moreover, The Basement is also available to be hired privately for your own independent birthday galas or parties. Either way, the venue is sure to offer you a great night with the latest, bopping music tunes.

3. The Shed

The Shed

Located on Yeoman Street in Leicester’s Cultural Quarter, The Shed is an iconic music venue. Established in 1994, many great acts and plays have been performed here. But the best part is the range of underground music played here, with many different genres on the playlist to dance and drink to. Moreover, there are several live bands each night playing diverse genres. The Shed usually has something different going on every night. The venue stays open 6 days a week and even if there’s no event, the bar remains open. The super-fast Wi-Fi is just another one of the perks that this club offers.

4. Waikiki Nightclub

Waikiki Nightclub

When it comes to Waikiki Nightclub, it is undeniably one of the hottest clubs in Leicester, with the kind of nightlife that you forget about the next morning. There’s a reason that lines of people wait outside this club desperate to get in between the hours of 12 am and 4 am. The inside of the club has an electric futuristic vibe to it, accompanied by a cool RnB and hip hop infused playlist, fancy cocktails and drinks, and speed bars. This is the place to indulge all your senses and set yourself free like there’s no tomorrow. A new culture is being created – visual art, taste, touch, technology and fashion all thrown in the Waikiki mix equals one hell of nightclub experience!

5. Boxed


Boxed Bar & Music Venue is a unique venue based inside Braunstone Gate. The venue caters for crowds of 100-400 across two floors with sleek modern décor around the bar which compliments the warehouse style dance floor. There are also a number of stylish seating booths with various tables and stools. The venue features state-of-the-art lighting, a high-end sound system and a DJ booth with club standard equipment in place. Specifically focusing on creating a hot nightclub atmosphere, Boxed is the place where you forget everything except the music and the drinks. You can also host birthday parties and private events at this venue. And of course, there’s free WiFi too.

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In Conclusion

Leicester has one of the best hip hop club scenes in the area so stop missing out on the best party nights! Just dress up in a chic outfit and go out while the night is still young. When you’re in the mood to listen to some rap and turn on your too-cool-for-everybody mode, these are the places to be at.

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