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Been to Winnipeg but not to its famous Hip Hop clubs? You need to visit again! This magnificent city boasts high-spirited and splendid rock parties. This city might seem busy on the day, but Winnipeg turns into a whole new world of fun and entertainment at night. The venues mentioned below are some of the favorite nightspots of local partygoers. Following is the list of high-end clubs featuring Hip Hop in your town. Give it a read and acknowledge yourself with all the details and prerequisites before paying a visit. Best of luck!

1. OV Club Winnipeg

OV Club Winnipeg

The OV Club has the atmosphere to get everyone in the mood to party. They are located in the Village and operational on Fridays and Saturdays. There is always something happening at the OV whether it is a two for one drink offer or gift card giveaways. It pays to have your name on the guestlist because that way you can get priority entry and a free drink. Ordering bottle service also comes with a special presentation by the servers. They have DJs playing EDM and remixes all night long so you can bet you’ll be dancing till your feet hurt. This place is a hit with the students because of their amazing deals.

2. Club 200 Winnipeg

Club 200 Winnipeg

Club 200 is the crowning jewel of Winnipeg’s LGBTQ community and it is open throughout the week. From 4 to 9 pm, the club serves as a fully operational restaurant. However, after the sun sets it is transformed into an electric dance and disco club. They have a huge disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. Moreover, there is also a DJ playing the freshest electronic music. For the old souls, the classic beats are also part of the daily playlist. Club 200 hosts many events including drag races, karaoke nights and the craziest parties of the season where people of all backgrounds are welcomed with open arms.

3. High & Lonesome Club Winnipeg

High & Lonesome Club Winnipeg

Don’t let the name fool you because it is packed with people from Thursdays to Sunday. There is a live band laying blues music with special guest performances scheduled every week. The club has an old nostalgic theme which is why it usually attracts an older, mellower crowd. This establishment has a fully functional bar and kitchen to feed their customers. They have built their own brand and have merchandise such as t-shirts and music CDs on sale too. The High and Lonesome Club adds to the culture of the city and it continues to be a part of the eclectic nightlife Winnipeg has to offer.

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In Conclusion

When it comes to party Winnipeg, do the most. As mentioned above, OV Club, Club 200, and High & Lonesome Club are the most elegant and lively venues you can find in Winnipeg. So get yourself a glass of Chardonnay and dance like tonight is the last night of your life!

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