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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Winnipeg

1) 441 Main Winnipeg

441 Main Winnipeg

The party never stops at 441 Main Winnipeg because there’s drinks, dance, and music playing all night long. The club opens every Friday and Saturday night to let in those who love to get wild! If you want to avoid the long line outside the club then make sure to book a table or add your name to the guest list. They serve signature drinks, snacks but the way they present the bottle service is the highlight of the night. 441 Main is known for its tasteful art décor and light displays. They play the latest electronic and pop music to get people on the dance floor. This place is also a popular venue for hosting birthday parties and bachelor nights.

2) High & Lonesome Club Winnipeg

 High & Lonesome Club Winnipeg

High & Lonesome Club Winnipeg is a club that has a live band laying blues music with special guest performances scheduled every week. The club has an old nostalgic theme which is why it usually attracts an older, mellower crowd. This establishment has a fully functional bar and kitchen to feed their customers. They have built their own brand and have merchandise such as t-shirts and music CDs on sale too. The High and Lonesome Club adds to the culture of the city and it continues to be a part of the eclectic nightlife Winnipeg has to offer.

3) Citizen Winnipeg

Citizen Winnipeg

Citizen Winnipeg is the best place to let loose and dance the night away. This club is known as the House of Hip Hop around the city. The DJs play the best jams of the season throughout the week. Citizen is known for their must-attend parties every Saturday and they usually have a theme to go with it. You can order from their special drinks menu or order bottle service for the table. The nightclub also doubles as a hookah bar for those who want a Mediterranean experience. Citizen has wall-sized LED screens playing 360-degree videos in sync with the music to pump up the crowd. The double story club has VIP banquets and plush upholstery which is the perfect setting for a night out with friends.

4) Palomino Club Winnipeg

Palomino Club Winnipeg

Palomino Club Winnipeg has perfected its formula in the 30 years it has been in business. It has been consistently winning critic’s awards and their patron’s favor as the best night club in Winnipeg. The club is open from Fridays to Mondays with live music bands and DJs and the party starts at 8 pm. Everyone will get the chance to dance to their favorite song, be it music from the Top 40 charts, rock n’ roll or country. You can choose from a long list of shots or order bottle service for your group. Palomino also serves food, in case hunger strikes. The club has a ladies’ special every Friday where the females can enjoy free entry until 11 pm.

5) OV Club Winnipeg

OV Club Winnipeg

OV Club Winnipeg has the atmosphere to get everyone in the mood to party. They are located in the Village and operational on Fridays and Saturdays. There is always something happening at the OV whether it is a two for one drink offer or gift card giveaways. It pays to have your name on the guestlist because that way you can get priority entry and a free drink. Ordering bottle service also comes with a special presentation by the servers. They have DJs playing EDM and remixes all night long so you can bet you’ll be dancing till your feet hurt. This place is a hit with the students because of their amazing deals.

6) Club 200 Winnipeg

Club 200 Winnipeg

Club 200 Winnipeg club is the crowning jewel of Winnipeg’s LGBTQ community and it is open throughout the week. From 4 to 9 pm, the club serves as a fully operational restaurant. However, after the sun sets it is transformed into an electric dance and disco club. They have a huge disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. Moreover, there is also a DJ playing the freshest electronic music. For the old souls, the classic beats are also part of the daily playlist. Club 200 hosts many events including drag races, karaoke nights and the craziest parties of the season where people of all backgrounds are welcomed with open arms.

7) Cowboys Roadhouse Winnipeg

Cowboys Roadhouse Winnipeg

Cowboys Roadhouse Winnipeg is a rootin’ tootin’ joint for the country-loving folks of Winnipeg. The night club opens on Friday and Saturday nights. It is the only place you can dance to country music and get your drink on. Many concerts have been hosted in the open-air arena at the club. Saturdays are free for the ladies until 11 pm so you can be sure to find someone to dance with. The wooden interior goes with the theme and the drinks are also designed to make you feel like you’re hanging out at the ranch. There is always live entertainment at the club whether it is a live DJ or dance performances.

8) The Good Will Winnipeg

The Good Will Winnipeg

The Good Will Winnipeg Social Club is the place for good vibes and good times. If you want to get in on the latest trends in music, then this club is your best bet. The Good Will hosts themed dance parties and introduces the latest local bands every week. They play anything and everything from Rock music to EDM. The club is LGBT friendly and has a zero-tolerance policy on discriminatory behavior. The club is open every night of the week and serves food, coffee, and drinks including 12 different types of craft beers. They also host karaoke nights and comedy clubs during the weekdays.

9) Fame Winnipeg

Fame Winnipeg

Fame Winnipeg Nightclub as the name suggests is a popular joint for the LGBTQ and otherwise. The club features an electric dance floor as well as cozy lounge seats. You can get drunk playing a game of beer pong or place bets on the pool table. Club goers dance to the beats of electronic, Latin and pop music every Friday and Saturday night. Happy hour continues from 10 pm to 11 pm to get you buzzed. Fame offers live entertainment in the form of go-go dancers, drag queens and other performers. You can also book a table for your birthday party and get VIP treatment from the staff.

10) The Hub Winnipeg

The Hub Winnipeg

The Hub Winnipeg is inside the University Centre. Is is the on-campus bar and club at the University of Manitoba. If you want to party it up like a college student, then The Hub is your best bet. They have a DJ playing live Top 40s and hip-hop music on most nights but make sure to check the schedule beforehand. Not only are they serving drinks and shots, but bottle service and hookah is also available upon request. You’ll be sure to find a lively crowd at The Hub. This is where the youngsters come to socialize. So if you are looking to meet new people then this is the perfect spot to start.

11) Upstairs in the Village Winnipeg

Upstairs in the Village Winnipeg

Upstairs in the Village Winnipeg is another one of the clubs in the Village which is what makes the night life in Winnipeg so happening. The place is host to the liveliest parties of the year and has been a popular spot to hang with the youngsters. They are very welcoming to the ladies and offer free cover charge until 11 pm. On top of that, you will hear nothing but great things about their wings because they are delicious and cheap. EDM and House is the kind of music you will hear at Upstairs. They are open from Wednesdays to Saturdays and there’s always a line outside of people eager to get in.

12) TIME Belfast

TIME Belfast

TIME Belfast is a sophisticated night club in Belfast that has hosted some of the biggest parties in the city. The ambiance of the venue reminds one of a retro disco. They have fluorescent neon lighting and comfortable seating booths that are reminiscent of an old time. The club hosts RnB, hip-hop, and Latin music. Time has been reviewed as one of the best clubs in terms of service. Their bar staff is highly rated and it is a favourite spot for hosting parties. Their drinks are also very reasonable and can be afforded on a student budget. The club also invites international DJs and live music acts to perform so make sure you check their schedule and don’t miss out.

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How old do you have to be to go to a club in Winnipeg?

With a minimum drinking age of 18, our city comes alive at night (yes, even in the winter) at dance clubs, pubs and theatres.

Can minor get in a club?

Only persons who have reached the age of majority may be present in bars, night clubs and similar places of entertainment. Nocturnal entertainment establishments are meant for adults only. The parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for the presence of minors in night clubs and discos.

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