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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the House clubs in Edinburgh. (More in-depth further below)

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House music has established its fanbase in Scotland too and now there are many clubs in Edinburgh that solely play that genre. These clubs bring in DJs from local areas as well as abroad who specialize in House music to give the fans what they want. You will always be entertained with the different things these clubs have to offer. The sound systems are of the highest quality so that the music can be heard the way it should be. They also have superb lighting and special effects in place to give you the full effect of a House music club.

We have considered all clubs in Edinburgh and have come up with this top 7 shortlist of places that play mainly House. So you don’t have to. Whichever club you want to go to, just click on the listing window to check our access options, whether you’d like discounted entry or a big bottle service night out, we have you covered. 

Without further ado:

1. Why Not

Why Not is named so because there is no reason not to go there. It is located under the Dome Bar on George Street in Edinburgh. This was the first night club to open up on the street back in 1997. Things have changed and now there are a lot more options in the vicinity however, Why Not remains the top choice. The club was redesigned in 2013 and is now better than ever. 

2. The Mash House

The Mash House Edinburgh

The Mash House is a night club located in the middle of Edinburgh. It is a large venue that expands over three floors. The walls are covered in rustic brick and they have natural wood to accentuate it. The industrial scaffold fixtures and modern lighting will make you feel like you are in a sophisticated warehouse.  

3. Sneaky Pete’s

Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh

Sneaky Pete’s is a very popular club and is very busy almost every night of the week. The night club has a capacity of 100 and it is in Cowgate, Edinburgh. They host club nights which start after 11 pm complete with disco ball and strobe lighting. 

4. The Liquid Rooms

The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

The Liquid Rooms opened their doors to the public in the summer of ’97. They are now considered one of the most popular venues in Edinburgh for club nights and live music and acts. For the past 20+ years they have worked with DJs and artists from almost every genre. You can count on the club to play Hip hop, Rock, Pop, Techno, House and many more. 

5. Lulu

Lulu Edinburgh

Lulu night club is open 4 nights a week and there is always a party going on. The venue is hidden beneath the Tigerlily night club and is situated in the middle of Edinburgh. They serve a wide variety of cocktails so you often see the young people on the dance floor with a drink in their hand. Lulu has a great ambiance and it is one of the most sought after experience in the city. 

6. Club Departure Lounge

Club Depature Lounge Edinburgh

If you are looking for a club night which comprises of a rustic air, live music and a variety of genres then Club Departure Lounge is your best bet. This Edinburgh night club is set inside a medieval building that plays dubstep, funk, electronica, latin and a lot more. Many people do not know about Departure Lounge even though they have been around for 8 years. 

7. Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire is a two-floored club located in the heart of Edinburgh. It is also one of the most popular pizza places in the city. The café bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and pizza options to choose from. Moreover, the club also has a cavern-inspired interior. Furthermore, the downstairs club consists of a roster of famous DJs, live music nights and other events to enjoy. 

In Conclusion

If you do not know where to go then this guide will surely help you make that decision. You can order drinks and even snacks at some of these clubs. Certain venues host live music acts so you can even attend a performance. All in all, the experience will be one you write home about.

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