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About Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital and is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. It is the city that begs to be discovered. It is draped across a series of rocky hills overlooking the sea. There are many things you could do when you visit the beautiful city. The city is well known for its beautiful places and is a tourist must-visit city.

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Things to do at night in Edinburgh

Night shopping at Princes street

One of the ways to spend your night in Edinburgh is by shopping on Princes Street. It doesn’t seem historical, but it’s enjoyable to spend a night along with your friends chatting around or grabbing some drinks and buying things to remember your trip.

Enjoy a night at Stand comedy club

This venue has many locations in Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Newcastle, and it features local comedians and supports up and coming comedians to perform their acts. You can enjoy from stand up to improv and also could get comedy classes. Food is also available, and you can stuff your food with delicious nachos and chicken wings while enjoying the acts.  Comedy club Stand is the best place to go if you want to spend your night happily. 

Monkey barrel

Unlike the Standup club, this has seating arrangements that no one could be safe from the action, and you may find yourself very close to the comedian who is about to make a joke out of you, but in the end, it is all fun and the part of the game. The venue sits around 100 people and is open almost every night of the year, so you can always count on the Monkey barrel to be open.

Edinburgh Dungeon 

If you think that you aren’t scared, head to the Edinburgh dungeon, which often runs its last tour between 4:00 Pm and 6:00 pm depending on the time of the year. The tour takes you to different rooms, including caves, old dwellings, and wells, dungeons, so you could experience Edinburgh’s most terrifying history and character. Special effects and costumed characters are added to make the experience more scary and real.

Royal Mile walk

The Royal Mile walk comes alive at night as well and deserves at least a stroll through as the place is super safe to explore at night, and there are many places to stop for a drink or something to eat along the way. These impressive buildings are impressive, especially how they tower over you in the darkness, which makes it a lovely place to spend the night at.

A quiz that will get you out of Edinburgh

This place has wonderfully themed rooms for all kinds of interests, and Escape Edinburgh makes racing through a wizarding world a chance to embrace your detective skills to find a solution to save the world from a deadly disease. The game lasts 60 minutes, and 2-5 people can do the challenges. The game may be difficult for children under the age of 10 as the game requires high IQ and knowledge and even the best of the best find themselves struggling.

Harry potter spots

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then this is the place to go because the writer of Harry Potter, Jk Rowling’s, completed many of her books in Edinburgh both at various cafes across the city and at the famous Balmoral Hotel. You can also discover many of the Harry potter spots, and you could again go on your tour at night discovering the creation of Harry Potter and the spots that inspired the stories.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the city’s most famous landmark situated at the end of the Royal Mile. It has beautiful views from the top and a gorgeous photo at night when you look at it below. It’s a great way to start your evening and allows you to do other things at night as the castle closes at 6:00 pm. The oldest part of the castle dates back to the 12th century, and it has been used throughout the centuries and in many world wars for purposes such as defense and royal storage. It is also the home to the Scottish jewels and is well worth a visit for this reason alone.


Edinburgh is a must-visit place for the tourists as there are so many activates a person could do when visiting the city. You could either spend your night discovering the streets of Royal Mile or shopping in Princes Street. The city is home to the Scottish jewels that attract tourists from all over the world to come to visit.