Hip Hop Clubs in Edinburgh

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Are you looking for the Hip Hop clubs in Edinburgh?

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So on this page, you’ll find the official shortlist of the Hip Hop clubs in Edinburgh. (More in-depth further below)

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Edinburgh is not behind any of the other international cities when it comes to night life. There are a number of night clubs in the city that play Hip hop or host club nights featuring hip hop music. The clubs have sound systems that have heavy woofers so the bass in the songs can be felt in your bones. The clubs serve many different cocktails, shots, wines and tonics so you will be sure to find something that quenches your thirst. The people who visit this club vary from young students to older working professionals who need some time off to destress. 

We have considered all clubs in Edinburgh and have come up with this top 5 shortlist of places that play mainly hip hop. So you don’t have to. Whichever club you want to go to, just click on the listing window to check our access options, whether you’d like discounted entry or a big bottle service night out, we have you covered. 

Without further ado:

1. Lulu

Lulu Edinburgh

Lulu night club is open 4 nights a week and there is always a party going on. The venue is hidden beneath the Tigerlily night club and is situated in the middle of Edinburgh. They serve a wide variety of cocktails so you often see the young people on the dance floor with a drink in their hand. Lulu has a great ambiance and it is one of the most sought after experience in the city.

2. The Bongo Club

The Bongo Club Edinburgh

The Bongo Club is notorious for having some of the craziest club nights in Edinburgh. There is all kinds of music you will get to hear at the club. You can hear funk, soul, hip hop and EDM at their weekly parties but the songs are not limited to those genres. You can experience a number of cultures and flavors of soul at The Bongo Club. 

3. The Liquid Rooms

The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

The Liquid Rooms opened their doors to the public in the summer of ’97. They are now considered one of the most popular venues in Edinburgh for club nights and live music and acts. For the past 20+ years they have worked with DJs and artists from almost every genre. You can count on the club to play Hip hop, Rock, Pop, Techno, House and many more.

4. The Hive

The Hive is the club that every man, woman, and child has heard of in the city of Edinburgh. It is open seven nights a week until 3 am each night. In addition, the nightclub is spread out across four different rooms and each room offers a completely different experience for its guests. Moreover, the club is also famous for offering affordable drinks along with the best drinking discounts. 

5. Medina

Medina Edinburgh

Medina is a club that is dedicated to serving the people of Edinburgh with a healthy dose of groove, soul and funk. They have been in the night industry for many years and perfected the party experience. The sound and lighting system has can purchased from the best in the business to cater to the club needs. 

In Conclusion

The hip hop clubs in Edinburgh are serving the masses with their bopping music, full bars and open dance floors. If you are a fan of the genre then you will appreciate their vibe. You can go out with your friends or try your luck and meet someone there because there are so many people on the dance floor looking for a partner.