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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Edinburg

1. Bourbon Edinburgh

Bourbon Edinburgh is located in the heart of the city of Edinburgh. It is a unique combination of a nightclub, cocktail bar, and private function spaces. Moreover, the lounge bar in the club is the perfect place to relax and enjoy drinks with friends after work. In addition, these unique drinks are also happily affordable. A dance floor is also available, so partygoers can dance their nights away. Furthermore, the music playing in this club ranges from party mash-ups, house and commercial pop. Moreover, Bourbon is also home to various themed nights such as Rascal Thursdays, Sinner Fridays, and On-Air Saturdays. There is no additional door charge, and entrance is limited to people of ages 18 and above.

2. Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh

Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh is a two-floored club located in the heart of Edinburgh. It is also one of the most popular pizza places in the city. The café bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and pizza options to choose from. Moreover, the club also has a cavern-inspired interior. Furthermore, the downstairs club consists of a roster of famous DJs, live music nights and other events to enjoy. This club is perfect or drinking and dancing, and getting after-work drinks. In addition, the music playing in this club ranges from pop to house. The drinks are also quite cheap, making it a big hit with customers. Lastly, a dance
the floor is also present so partygoers can dance the night away.

3. Shanghai Club Edinburgh

Shanghai Club Edinburgh has over a decade of experience when it comes to hosting the perfect parties and club nights. It is one of the most famous hotspots in the city. Mainly, because of its refurbished interior, alongside with its various bars and dance floor. Moreover, the club also helps hosts private as well as corporate parties with a variety of packages to suit your needs. Furthermore, the club also hosts many club nights including Frat Wednesdays, a student popular and even live music performances to showcase local talent. The music playing in this club ranges from electro-pop, hip hop, and RnB, to commercial pop. Lastly, the drinks served in this club are not only tasty but also cheap.

4. The Hive Edinburgh 

The Hive Edinburgh is the club that every man, woman, and child has heard of in the city of Edinburgh. It is open seven nights a week until 3 am each night. In addition, the nightclub is spread out across four different rooms and each room offers a completely different experience for its guests. Moreover, the club is also famous for offering affordable drinks along with the best drinking discounts. Furthermore, the club offers an emphasis on different musical genres on each night. The music that plays in this club ranges from party mashups, hip hop, and RnB, along with rock. In addition, a dance floor is also present so customers can dance their nights away. Lastly, the age limit for entrance is 18 and above.

5. Lulu Edinburgh

Lulu Edinburgh

Lulu Edinburgh  night club is open 4 nights a week and there is always a party going on. The venue is hidden beneath the Tigerlily night club and is situated in the middle of Edinburgh. They serve a wide variety of cocktails so you often see the young people on the dance floor with a drink in their hand. Lulu has a great ambiance and it is one of the most sought after experience in the city. The club has a luxurious interior but it is in no way pretentious. A night at the club is one you will remember for a long time. You can listen to the best local and foreign DJs at Lulu. The club also offers tailor made VIP packages for you and your friends so you can celebrate your special occasion in style.

6. The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh

The Liquid Rooms Edinburgh opened their doors to the public in the summer of ’97. They are now considered one of the most popular venues in Edinburgh for club nights and live music and acts. For the past 20+ years they have worked with DJs and artists from almost every genre. You can count on the club to play Hip hop, Rock, Pop, Techno, House and many more. They have hosted many unforgettable club nights and they are open to hire as well. They use their own promoters to create hype for their own scheduled events. The club was refurbished recently and expanded into a bigger and better club. The lighting system and speakers are bigger than any other venue in the city.

7. Medina Edinburgh

Medina Edinburgh

Medina Edinburgh is a club that is dedicated to serving the people of Edinburgh with a healthy dose of groove, soul and funk. They have been in the night industry for many years and perfected the party experience. The sound and lighting system has can purchased from the best in the business to cater to the club needs. The night clubs also host many live musical acts so you can check their schedule and book your tickets in advance. You can also book a VIP table for your friends so you can celebrate your birthday, graduation or bachelor party at the club. The service at Medina is excellent and you can find friendly barmen and servers.

8. The Bongo Club Edinburgh 

The Bongo Club Edinburgh

The Bongo Club Edinburgh is notorious for having some of the craziest club nights in Edinburgh. There is all kinds of music you will get to hear at the club. You can hear funk, soul, hip hop and EDM at their weekly parties but the songs are not limited to those genres. You can experience a number of cultures and flavors of soul at The Bongo Club. They have a party to mark the mid-week hump and it is very popular with students and professionals alike. The DJs are always introducing new artists and marking the start of the month with tracks fresh off the studios. The club serves many delicious cocktails, wines and other alcoholic beverages.

9. Tropicana Edinburgh

Tropicana Edinburgh

Tropicana Edinburgh is a night club that encourages everyone to have a great time. They have two large bars serving a variety of cocktails, beers, shots, wines, spirits and retro drinks from the 80’s. There are a number of secluded areas within the venue so you can share a private moment with your friends once you are done dancing. You can also book a room for your private event and the club offers great deals on drinks. They have a large dance floor and it is very easy to lose yourself in the atmosphere and pretend you have traveled back in time. They play music varying from Top 40s to RnB and everything in between.

10. La Belle Angele Edinburgh

La Belle Angele Edinburgh

La Belle Angele Edinburgh was inaugurated in the early nineties and they have managed to retain that old school vibe even today. The club has been around for more than a decade but it remains one of the most popular joints in Edinburgh. They promote underground talent and are known in the clubbing culture as pioneers of music. The club was destroyed in the fire in 2002 and was refurbished recently and has since then hosted live music acts such as Coldplay and Oasis. They are also known for having some of the best club nights featuring genres such as Afrobeat, Latin and Indie.

11. La Vida Edinburgh

La Vida Edinburgh

La Vida Edinburgh is relatively new when it comes to the Edinburgh night scene. They have are located in the middle of West End and mostly cater to students. That does not mean that older guests are not welcome at the club. The place has everything you are looking for in a club; good vibes, a big dance floor, cheap drinks and the best music. They mostly focus on Latin and Urban tracks so if you are in the mood for something fresh the this is the place to be. You can never get tired of the energetic and vibrant atmosphere at Club La Vida and once you go there you will definitely be coming back.

12. Club Depature Lounge Edinburgh

Club Depature Lounge Edinburgh

Club Depature Lounge Edinburgh is your best bet. This Edinburgh night club is set inside a medieval building that plays dubstep, funk, electronica, latin and a lot more. Many people do not know about Departure Lounge even though they have been around for 8 years. The desire behind opening a new club was to hear different dance music all under one roof. The club is operating at full capacity on most nights and prides themselves for being daring when it comes to inviting guest performers. They have and continue to provide a platform to local bands.

13. Latin Explosion Edinburgh

Latin Explosion Edinburgh

Latin Explosion Edinburgh as the Cubans call it opened in 1999 and it is one of the original salsa clubs of Edinburgh. The salsa club nights happen once a week and there are also dance classes taking place here. You can have mojitos, cocktails and other exotic drinks at the club. Their dance floor is big enough to accommodate a large crowd. The club is also open to bookings if you want to host a private event there. Many women host their bachelorette party at Latin Explosion because it is a great experience being led in a dance by the lovely male instructors.

14. El Barrio Edinburgh

El Barrio Edinburgh

El Barrio Edinburgh is a unique venue that is dedicated to Latin and Salsa music. They are known all over the United Kingdom for the ambiance. Not only is their music heavily inspired by Latin culture but so is their food and drink menu. They serve the best mojitos which keep people coming back for more. You can join them for a great night out where the dancing, drinks and fun never stops. You can also book a table at the club for your group of friends or hire a party room for the night and throw your own party.  They also have classes on weekends if you want to learn salsa.

15. Bar Salsa Edinburgh

Bar Salsa Edinburgh

Bar Salsa Edinburgh has been bringing the Latin party to Edinburgh since 1999. It is a well loved bar and night club. It’s on Cowgate at the end of Victoria Street. The club is always in party mode and there are cheap drinks flowing all night long to keep it going. Even though the club is named Bar Salsa, they play all kinds of music such as Hip Hop, RnB and other commercial music. On weekends the club is filled with students and they play Latin, Salsa and Bachata music. There are so many ways you can enjoy at the venue and you will have a great time there.

16. Planet Bar Edinburgh

Planet Bar Edinburgh

Planet Bar Edinburgh is one of the oldest gay bar and night club in Edinburgh. They have an in-house DJ playing tracks every day of the week. The club also serves cheap, yet premium drinks and their friendly staff is just one of the reasons everyone keeps going back there. Another selling point of the club is that it offers daily entertainment in the form of karaoke, bingo, drag shows and cabaret. Apart from that the dance floor is also open every night so you can while the night away dancing. Planet Bar has a long history of serving the LGBT community in the area and continues to uphold it.

17. Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh

Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh

Sneaky Pete’s Edinburgh is a very popular club and is very busy almost every night of the week. The night club has a capacity of 100 and it is in Cowgate, Edinburgh. They host club nights which start after 11 pm complete with disco ball and strobe lighting. Not only does the club has its own DJ playing tracks every night but they also invite artists to perform. You can check the schedule on their website to find out about upcoming events. Sneaky Pete’s does its part in promoting new talent so you can be sure to hear the latest music and emerging bands at the venue.

18. The Street Edinburgh

The Street Edinburgh

The Street Edinburgh  is an LGBT night club that is open to everyone except the haters. As it is advertised on their doors, the club has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination and is the ultimate safe space for the odd ones out. They host parties every week and their schedule is filled with entertaining events so whenever you go there you are sure to have a great time. The Street has a line up of cabaret events, drag shows and live music performances that are sure to make any night memorable. The bar in the club is fully stocked so you can order your favorite drink and dance to your heart’s content.

19. The Mash House Edinburgh

The Mash House Edinburgh

The Mash House Edinburgh is a night club located in the middle of Edinburgh. It is a large venue that expands over three floors. The walls are covered in rustic brick and they have natural wood to accentuate it. The industrial scaffold fixtures and modern lighting will make you feel like you are in a sophisticated warehouse.  That is not to say, the club is not decked out with the latest sound system, DJ equipment and special effects. The Mash House is versatile in its capabilities. It can set the stage for an intimate cabaret or turn into a venue for an all-night rave. The club also hosts live music acts every evening so consult their schedule before making plans.

20. Why Not Edinburgh

Why Not Edinburgh is named so because there is no reason not to go there. It is located under the Dome Bar on George Street in Edinburgh. This was the first night club to open up on the street back in 1997. Things have changed and now there are a lot more options in the vicinity however, Why Not remains the top choice. The club was redesigned in 2013 and is now better than ever. They have won almost a dozen awards with many of the country’s highest honors under their belt. ​Why Not serves cocktails out of the five bars inside and they have four dance floors so everyone has a place to dance. They are the only venue in the country to have an LED only room.

21. Henry’s Cellar Edinburgh

Henry’s Cellar Edinburgh is an intimate bar and night club situated in the basement. During the day time the bar hosts live music events and art shows and on Monday, Friday and Saturday nights it turns into a night club. They have a seating area which can be moved around to make more space for the dance floor. The venue is unusual yet exciting in a way no other place in Edinburgh is. They have a diverse music policy and allow playing anything from House to RnB. You are sure to be surprised at Henry’s Cellar and once you step down that staircase you will realize it is truly an underground venue.

21. Henry’s Cellar Edinburgh

22. ATIK Edinburgh

ATIK Edinburgh is not the same as very other night club because it has a more carefree environment. They are heavily inspired by the dance halls of the 20’s and captured that vibe and appropriated it in a modern setting. The club is all about great drinks, music you can dance to and having the time of your life. The club hosts many of the year’s best and most talked about parties. Make sure you get the tickets because they always sell out fast. You can also book a VIP birthday package at the club for you and your friends. Edinburgh has upped its nightlife game with the entrance of ATIK.