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IBEX-TOKYO, Guide & Review

If you are in search of the best of the best night out in Tokyo then search no more than IBEX.  Ibex plays Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, AfroBeats, and Soca 90’s Music.  There is good music, good atmosphere and good customer service. You are assured best times on your night out at IBEX, you’ll certainly feel at home and safe. The owner Romero and other staff are very professional and they welcome everyone warmly. 

The drinks here are good; the table service is at a reasonable price. It is highly recommended for anyone who visits Tokyo for the first time. Here you will find very good music selection. The DJs are great and play awesome music making everyone rise to the dance floor.  IBEX is a nice place for intimate parties and a great place full of fun games.  It’s the best Hip Hop and R&B nightclub in Tokyo with the best music, good customer service, and friendly people from all over the world.  

On your night out, the purpose is to be in IBEX and your experience will be worth remembering. The dance floor is huge where you can dance off your mood and be attached to the great music from the DJ booth. The club lights are amazing making the space very spectacular and beautiful. There are a lot of seats and the seats are comfortable to feel relaxed.

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