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INSOMNIA is a club where cosmopolitan free spirits, weird birds of paradise, urban night creatures, polymorphous party people, creatives and travelers from all over the world celebrate the pulsating beat of the night together. INSOMNIA is more than just a mix of party, fetish and swinger club, it’s a hedonistic parallel universe with parties that are sex-positive, full of casual intimacy and sensuality for all non-compliant, free-spirited ways of life and love of all affection: ob Vanilla, Swinger, Genderfluid, Bizarre, Fetish or BDSM.

INSOMNIA is a temple for experiments with non-traditional relationship structures, sexual staging & self-awareness, multi-sexual currents. They offer a clean, safe sexual escapade infrastructure for the emancipated woman, for modern couples who want to get acquainted instead of going out and heteroflexible men who also like to be available as erotic assistants, in short a safe sex lab for all. Newcomers are very welcome!

Slip into your most avid role – into the naughty costume, your breathtaking lingerie, daring outfits or into your stylish fetish robe and brighten the INSOMNIA with your intoxicating aura, your dazzling flair, your grandeur! If you have any fantasies, which you want to experience in real life, you are strongly encouraged to think about visiting INSOMNIA Berlin. During the time that you spend in this club, you will be able to get all those fantasies come true. Therefore, you will fall in love with the experiences that are offered to you by the club as well. Before you visit the club, you are encouraged to take a look at the event calendar. Then you can figure out what you can receive during the time that you are spending in here.

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