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Janis is a club located in Colonia Roma, and its name is in honor of the singer “Janis Joplin”. Janis is open to the public from Wednesday of each week. The site attracts a 23 to 30 year old hipster crowd. In terms of decoration, Janis has a ceiling covered by LED lights, which extend into the main cabin. Musically, the Janis is frequented by Mexican and foreign DJs, who cover a variety of musical genres during their appearances on Janis.

Like practically any chain venue, it will be best to have a table reserved. You can write to them through the Facebook page and avoid long waiting lines (the place starts to fill up as soon as the sun goes down). The place has a distinguished decoration thanks to the ceiling covered with LED lights and a disco ball highlighting the track. Each element that makes up the interior of Janis introduces you to what will be a long night.

The calm ambiance meets you at this club. Janis is one of the few places in the city where you will find quality from the service, product and facilities. Its facilities are unique and unmistakable.

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