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Mama Rumba Mexico City, Guide & Review

Are you in search of a club to dance your night off in Mexico City. Mama Rumba is a night club focused on one thing: Cuban salsa! Mama Rumba is located at La Roma, it is a two story building. This makes it better for you to grab a seat for yourself upstairs and you will get a superb view of the stage .

What I love about Mama Rumba is that it doesn’t matter if you’re a pro dancer or just occasionally move to the beat (you can always copy the neighbors’ moves), there’s a place for you in this lively spot. Inspired by Cuban dance rooms, the sounds and the happiness at Mama Rumba are intoxicating. 

The band plays for an hour straight and takes 30-minute breaks, which is just the perfect time to rest a little bit and drink a mojito. This is a must-go spot, and it actually offers free dancing lessons before the club opens! A chill place to dance Cuban salsa. Very busy and really packed. Lots of fun. Come as you are, enjoy and dance til your feet hurt!

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