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JETSET Tel Aviv, Guide & Review

JETSET is a unique concept for those who wish to experiment a bright and modern form of nightlife and techno music. Great mix by the best DJs. Two-level club and Hookah Lounge bar space, smoking couches and sofas, double bar. Lounge is located in a cozy open-air courtyard in the heart of Tel Aviv! And also you get a free entrance to JetSet nightclub. Jetset comprises of Bars & Clubs • Dance Clubs & Discos • Wine Bars. The club is simultaneously inclusive (affordable to all) and exclusively for those who value a little piece of civilization on their journey. In short, a place where you are always treated like No. 1, rather than part of the herd. Today, millions of Members across more than 148 countries are enjoying that No 1. Experience envisaged by our founder over two decades ago. Perhaps it’s time you joined them.

JETSET is one of the leading electro-music bars in Tel Aviv. Every Friday you can find yourself in a special music program with powerful names, or in the middle of a crazy electro party. The place is very packed during weekends and also one of the best options if you want to go out in Tel Aviv. The Club provides quality music and a cozy atmosphere to catch up with friends and listen to underground tunes. Friendly, great drinks and opportunities to meet new people or just be alone. The basement and top floor feel a little different. Clean atmosphere with clean bathrooms.

It is worth having your night out destined at Jetset with great drinks and opportunities to meet new people, and you Ultimately love the experience. The best place in Tel Aviv where you can smoke high-quality hookah in a pleasant atmosphere in the open air. Large selection of hookah (Dark Side, Tangiers, Fumari), teas, alcohol and tasty food. Great music, the DJs are so good, lights, dancers and it is highly recommended!

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