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Kizomba Fabrik Dublin


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Kizomba Fabrik Dublin, Guide & Review

In Dublin and in search of a place to actualize your inner expectation don’t search beyond Kizomba Fabrik.

Kizomba Fabrik is one of the best dance schools in Dublin. The immerse dance floor invites all and assorted to dance the night away. The typical dance parties, events, and concerts brand this venue very special for the clubbers and partygoers. This venue is where the night never falls. You will like the world-class drinks at Kizomba Fabrik by the most pleasing and master-in-craft bartenders. The venue hosts internationally-acclaimed dancers, DJs, and artists; who keenly seek your attention with their most upbeat performances.

Kizomba Fabrik is an exclusive Kizomba, semba, tarraxinha dance school and a club run by 2 instructors. It is also instructed by international Kizomba instructors and kizomba festivals’ organisers.Kizomba exclusively offers dance classes of Kizomba, Semba and Tarraxinha. Kizomba also offers private tutoring, space rental, dance parties and DJ services.

You will find Solo classes that exclusively cover Semba footwork, Kizomba hip movement and social dance etiquette on Konpa and still have an opportunity to improve your Kizomba foundations. For couples Kizomba Fabrik offers 2 levels of Kizomba that involves improver and intermediate. Semba flow all levels incorporate Solo or/and couples on Zoom. Recently Kizomba Fabrik has introduced Tarraxinha courses exclusively for ladies. These courses are assigned either weekly or monthly.

In place are amazing DJs to spice up your stay at Kizomba and among well renowned are Cubanito, DJ mineiro, DJ Hugo Boss, DJ Rock and DJ E-Kins. Kizomba Friday online edition accompanied by live stream classes for solo and couples is also available to make your aspirations a reality. Join us to be united through music to actualize your dream to improve your syncopations and posture, hip movements, virgula not limited to other rotations in Semba. It is time to rise up and fasten your seatbelt edition and realize most common Kizomba mistakes. To sum up it all Kizomba Fabrik brings forth a unique and lifetime opportunity to learn more about the mother dance of Kizomba which happens to be Semba. Welcome and review and improve your basics.

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