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Kumpelnest 3000 Berlin, Guide & Review

Rattled, loud, wicked and smoky – the Kumpelnest3000 is the classic among the Berlin crash shops. There are no inhibitions, everyone comes in contact with everyone immediately. 

The interior is cheesy and trashy, her patina carries the shrill old box with pride and dignity. That the club once was a brothel, you can still feel in every corner. The rock-erotic ambience has already inspired Karl Lagerfeld and Claudia Schiffer to take a photo session. U2 or Matthias Schweighöfer tried to correct their too clean image. And Gitte was forbidden to sing here.

It all started in 1987 with the idea of ​​Mark Ernestus to design a bar as an art space, as a thesis for the Hochschule der Künste. Supported by the artist group “The Deadly Doris” and their environment, the daring concept in the West Berlin of the late 80s hit like a bomb. The crowds in front of the store are just as legendary as the eccentric bar-keepers. Under the motto “against excellence in gastronomy” they boycotted every conventional expectation in terms of service and service. That was punk! The wild music mix from Daliah Lavi, Barry White and Throbbing Gristle fit in that. The combination of the guests was just as new and exciting.

To this day, surprisingly nothing has changed, only the service is much more attentive since Kai Kämmerer took over the nest in 1999. Especially at the weekend it is sometimes very busy in the buddy. Please come only with as much luggage as necessary. We do not have a wardrobe and unfortunately our storage spaces at the bar are limited.

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