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If you are crazy about Latin music and watching out for the most paramount and finest Latin clubs in Houston, we have got them for you! Our list of the top 7 Latin clubs has the best clubs on it, not only for the music scene but for other club amenities as well. Quench your thirst for upbeat Latin by listening to the world-class music presented by the top of the line DJs and artists. These venues keep on rocking until the wee hours in the morning. No matter what age you are, all you need to be young at heart to enjoy these finest clubs in Houston.

1. Lumen Lounge

Lumen Lounge

Lumen Lounge is a place that would tempt you to visit over and over again. However, getting into Lumen Lounge is quite complicated. For example, you will have to pay $20 for valet parking and $10 as the cover fee to get in. Even though the Lumen Lounge is named as a lounge, it is not exactly a lounge. It is more appropriate to call Lumen Lounge as a night club. That’s because you can discover a perfect nightclub experience inside Lumen Lounge. Despite the cover fee, you can expect to wait in a line for few hours before you can get into Lumen Lounge.

2. Barbarella


Barbarella is a nightclub located in San Jacinto. It has got the ability to offer perfect nights for everyone. This nightclub is well-known for their ability to play outstanding underground dance music. To experience that, you have to think about visiting the nightclub on Fridays. One of the most outstanding features about Barbarella is that there is a massive dance floor. Televisions that play music are located everywhere as well. This can provide you with an immersive experience during the time that you spend in the nightclub.

3. Cle

Houston Appreciation Weekend Pool Party at Cle Nightclub near downtown Houston on Saturday July 22, 2017

Clé is a nice-looking nightclub located in Houston. It can be a hit or a miss for everyone. The layout atmosphere that you can find inside Clé is unique and brilliant. You will feel like you walk into a unique world as you walk into the club. It is an upper end nightclub in the region. Therefore, you will be able to get an elegant experience. The overall experience is rich and fascinating. Any person who walks into the club would immediately fall in love with it.

4. Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana is one of the best places in Houston for you to enjoy your night with dancing. In fact, this is a great nightclub available for the Salsa dancers to visit. That’s because you can enjoy dancing to the Latin music while you are spending your time at Club Tropicana. When you take a look at Club Tropicana, you will feel that you are entering a Latin club. That’s because all the elements of the club, including the dim lights, sketchy location and unwanted valet parking will convince you. In the moment that you walk into Club Tropicana, you will be able to experience a legitimate salsa scene. There is a decent music experience and a friendly crowd available at Club Tropicana. It is complemented with strong dancers.

5. Escapade 2001

Escapade 2001

Escapade 2001 Houston is a place that you can visit to get plenty of fun and entertainment. That’s mainly because you can discover all types of Latino dances being performed in the club. They include Zapateado, Merengue and Bachata as well. They are practiced in separate sections of the club. It is up to you to visit the appropriate section based on your preferences.

6. Belvedere


Belvedere is a place that you can use to gather after the sunset. The patio offers a perfect environment for such gatherings. Then you will be able to enjoy the dinner with your friends. You will also be able to discover an excellent patio lounge, which provides an ideal environment for you to enjoy your time. It is a dance and a lounge club. You can think about visiting Belvedere along with a group of friends. The best thing about Belvedere is that there is Latin music. It creates a unique vibe insight the lounge as well.

7. Story Ultralounge

Story Ultralounge

Story Ultralounge is a perfect nightclub which can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy your nights in Houston. It can be considered as an upscale lounge available for you to visit and enjoy your time in Houston. You will be impressed with the modern looks that are offered to the guests as well. Many people prefer to come to Story Ultralounge with the objective of celebrating their special nights. You can think about celebrating any kind of a special event in here. The staff can provide an excellent assistance to you with that.

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In Conclusion

Houston is famous for its nightlife and nightclubs. The finest nightclubs in the city are where you can shed your worries off! Nothing can keep you away from enjoying your life to the ultimate level. So, what are you waiting for! Get up and rush to the best Latin clubs in Houston for taking the edge off your Latin cravings and fantasies! The fun of your life is seeing your way in Latin clubs! Do Not waste one single moment and go visit them at your earliest! We hope everything will work out for you there! Wishing you All The Best! Cheers!

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