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Luftbad understands the yearning for tranquilizing fun by the end of the week. This is why we have created an exclusive environment at Luftbad that not only lets you calm your qualms but you will have the ultimate entertaining evening/night here. Coming to Luftbad would be the right decision for yourself. If you don’t believe in that, you can visit this place to see it for yourself. Bring along your friends and let the fun begin that will last all night long. The place never disappoints no matter how many times you visit it. You are gonna love it every time you visit Luftbad.
The whole ambiance succumbed to dark red hues of lighting gives off a soothing vibe. The DJ plays the eclectic, electrifying music that entices your senses to indulge in the ongoing fun. Luftbad has many other features that keep you engaged all the while. The bar has several kinds of drinks including gin, rum, soda, non-alcoholic drinks, whiskey, vodka and whatnot. The bartenders always serve you with the right drink you ordered. The live performances at Luftbad club are an ultimate sight to see, a treat to your ears, and a complete dose of fun.
The seating is also available where you can sit, sip, and gossip over drinks with the music playing in the background amidst the heavily lit atmosphere. The Luftbad club is also available for your private celebratory events. Book our party room or/along with our bar area. Have your event celebrated at Luftbad in full zest and we will make sure that this event of yours becomes unforgettable for you and your guests. We always go easy on the music. You can always bring your own music collection and we would play it through our system.
We do party till the night breaks into dawn. Join us to experience the thrilling fun at Luftbad.

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