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Lugeck Alm Vienna


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Lugeck Alm Vienna, Guide & Review

The heart of Vienna – Lugeck Alm has won the hearts of Viennese partiers. The Lugeck Alm night club is an ultimate experience of ecstasy and fun-filled night. If you haven’t decided yet a place to spend your night out, do not search for any place when Lugeck Alm is here for you will all its amazing features. This night club has all those things which a person would need to make his or her night colorful and bright. So, let us light up your nights at Lugeck Alm as we have always excelled at it since the day we launched.
Lugeck Alm is not only a night club with its rustic ambiance – it’s a whole feeling, a vibe, a whole-another experience. The variegated lighting system and the modern sound system make your experience a worthy one. Do not fear to grab a drink from our bar as we have got a fine collection of several kinds of drinks in our bar. The bartenders are extremely professional and amicable. They would never disappoint you by serving you with the wrong drink. You will always be served with the right drink you just ordered. So, sip on the drink while you rock your head to the reverberating musical beats playing in the background.
Our weekly events are the most rejoiced in the whole town. The crowd is required to wear the fashionable attire to match the chic ambiance at Lugeck Alm. The sporty attire is strictly prohibited if you are to visit Lugeck Alm. The Lugeck Alm club stays open from 10 pm until the night travels into sheer darkness except for Tuesdays and Sundays. If you lose anything at Lugeck Alm club, it is very likely to find it back soon. As we have a strict ‘lost and found’ policy.

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