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Lumen Lounge Houston


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Lumen Lounge Houston, Guide & Review

Lumen Lounge is a place that would tempt you to visit over and over again. However, getting into Lumen Lounge is quite complicated. For example, you will have to pay $20 for valet parking and $10 as the cover fee to get in. Even though the Lumen Lounge is named as a lounge, it is not exactly a lounge. It is more appropriate to call Lumen Lounge as a night club. That’s because you can discover a perfect nightclub experience inside Lumen Lounge. Despite the cover fee, you can expect to wait in a line for few hours before you can get into Lumen Lounge.

The bouncers at Lumen Lounge are extremely friendly. They will provide you with a welcoming experience. The smoke machines, flashing lights and dim lights can all contribute towards the unique nightclub vibe at Lumen Lounge. When it comes to a lounge, you will be able to discover plenty of seating space. But inside Lumen Lounge, you cannot find much seating space. In fact, the total seating space available for you is limited.

Lumen Lounge looks similar to a Hollywood or Vegas nightclub. If you want to get that experience in Houston, you are strongly encouraged to think about visiting Lumen Lounge. Whether you are new to the nightlife scene or you are a veteran, you can get a perfect experience during the time you spend. The bottle service available at Lumen Lounge is comfortable as well. You will be able to order from the variety of options that are available in the drinks menu. These drinks can provide a great assistance to you with experiencing the nightlife scene.

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