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Luz de Gas Barcelona


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Luz de Gas Barcelona, Guide & Review

Luz de Gas is the oldest and the most renowned club in Barcelona and has always served its clients right in terms of fun. Trendy, elite, and amazing folks have always loved this place for its antiquity, originality, and the amusement it has to offer.

Situated in Muntaner street, Luz de Gas is designed in an old theatre’s style, stands with all its elegance giving away the old vibes, welcoming those who love to experience fun, music, and an A-quality ambiance.

What soul on this face of the earth doesn’t like music! Yeah, the live music concert fills the whole atmosphere with melodious energy at Luz de Gas. The concert starts after 12 am, nearly at 1 am and ends at 2 am.If you really appreciate live music performances, you ought to spend your Friday nights at Luz de Gas. After the concert is over, the music yet doesn’t stop and the commercial hits from rock, pop, and dance music would take over your mood.

Tickets for the concert can be bought from the concert organizers directly or it is possible in somecases to buy the tickets directly in the box thirty minutes prior to the beginning of the concert. But it is recommended to contact the organizers as it’s their responsibility to deal with tickets-trade.

You can always ask the bartenders to slide a bottle or beverage to you and boost your mood while you are already enjoying the perfect fun-filled atmosphere of Luz de Gas. Those who are interested in taking VIP area are always welcome to enjoy their nights in a personalized way. For the record, prices of beverages and bottle differ for VIP area.

The closing time of the Luz de Gas is between 5 am to 6 am but you can always visit us again and again!

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