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Machine Nightclub Boston, Guide & Review

Thumping bass spread through a room illuminated by multi-color lights and filled up with whirling bodies – this is Machine Nightclub. If you are watching out for exuberant music and exotic dance, then there is no venue better than Machine Boston to hit the dance floor. Inaugurated in 1998, Machine Boston has attracted a miscellaneous and faithful following. Although the club is particularly for gays, however, people of all sexual orientations seem to take advantage of the vibrant and sublime dance party climate. It is the kind of place where fun-lovers and open-minded come for partying.

Machine Friday is the dance night for 18+ that is held downstairs and is hosted the famous DJ, Darrin Friedman. Darrin spins an energizing and loud mix of house music, remixes, and Top 40. The dance floor just gets filled up with girls and guys, friends and couples. Deployed on four distinct platforms, the go-go muscular male dancers with fluorescent body paints and MC (a drag queen) appear time and again for providing eye candy and keeping things moving.

With the combination of glitz and kitsch, the atmosphere of Machine Boston is electrifying. Shifting pinpoints of green and red, the Christmas lights shine back off the imperative disco ball. The club goers can quench their thirst by ordering from three miscellaneous bars that serve the most paramount and strongest, yet pricey cocktails. The unisex bathrooms are part of the Machine’s experience. In addition to that, there is a pool room downstairs, where you will get to experience a better-lit spot featuring TV screens, arcade games, a smaller dance floor, and pool tables. The host DJ is Gay Jim whose energy is robust. What makes Machine Club one of the most famed and loved clubs around the town is its full of entertainment theme nights all through the week.

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