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Garage Boston, Guide & Review

As the name indicates, Garage Boston is space originated from a former garage. Situated only 10 minutes away from beautiful Downtown Boston – Garage Boston attracts upscale and young clientele while filling the area with the high-end cars, which make it even more popular as a garage. This VIP-oriented night zone is all about the passionate and beautiful people who are young at heart. Garage Boston is all about the exuberant theme nights and the most popular theme is the Latin Night on Friday, when DJs and artists from both NYC and Boston spin a blend of Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata, and Salsa. If you are fearing the Monday’s return, the day-party named ‘Detox Sundayz’ is the most paramount way for delaying the reality a bit.

Summer or winter, the spacious, extensive, and all-embracing outdoor realm with loads of seating is arguably the best place for grabbing fresh and non-sweaty air. Garage Boston is a luxurious nightclub with the awe-inspiring metropolitan design. It is completely remodeled out of a garage. The club is now considered as one of the most top-rated night-out destinations in the heart of Boston.

In addition to that, Garage Boston is also famed for the most paramount music scene and excellent VIP service. The music landscape is miscellaneous and extensive from Progressive and Techno to Electronic Dance and House. Not only the native talent come to play and perform, but also the globally-acknowledged guest DJs and artists make their appearance every so often. Space is also available for private and corporate events and functions, birthdays, fundraisers, charities, lunch events, holiday parties and more.

So, you need not waste any further time in keeping yourself away from the kind of fun and bliss you actually deserve! Garage Boston is always waiting to embrace you with the best of services it has on offer.

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