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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Boston

1. Storyville Boston

Storyville Boston is considered as a pioneer of up to the minute and ultra-modern trends in the nightlife of the city. Storyville has a one of a kind and exciting vibe where Speakeasy bestows Nightclub, craft and classic cocktails hail freely, soul-soothing as well as pump latest music beats, can be unearthed. The venue is situated in Exeter Street and reflects a true creation and vision of Brian Lesser, a resident restaurateur. According to Lesser, Storyville is a unique Boston among all the contemporaries who concentrate on creating places emulated Las Vegas, Miami, and New York. This is something that has made Storyville stand out among the similar bars and restaurants in the town. Brian Lesser is very ambitious about setting Storyville in a spot, which under one roof unites fun and hospitality, a sinful and seductive ambiance, a gastronomic food, an innovative and classic cocktail program, and an area to lounge and unwind with friends and loved ones, or to hit the dance floor all night away.

2. Wonder Bar Boston

Wonder Bar Boston is nothing less than a leader and a trendsetter in the nightlife scene of Boston. Wonder Bar got revamped and transformed itself into a unique and classy hotspot under its new ownership in 2005. You will get to find the biggest parties of Boston, most acclaimed and exalted DJs and hottest and popular live music in Wonder Bar. As night starts falling, you will find it extremely difficult not to hit the dance floor. The venue stands out among its contemporaries as it offers the bottle service in which the experienced servers and bartenders prepare your cocktails right at your own private table, as well as the 11 private sections are on offer where you can do private reservations for your events and parties of any kind.

3. Savvor Restaurant and Lounge Boston

Savvor Restaurant and Lounge Boston is situated in Lincoln Street in the neighborhood of Leather District in Boston. The venue is just 5 minutes walk away from South Station. Savvor Restaurant extends a perfect concoction of authentic Caribbean influences and delectable Southern cuisine. The menu is robust and is nonexclusive and wide-ranging with small plate options that are inspired by the true Caribbean roots. The guests are served the best dining with Savvor’s signature cocktails and drinks. It also serves a unique and one of its kind house-recipe cocktails with the exuberant island rums pouring from West Indies.

4. Vincent’s Nightclub Boston 

Vincent’s Nightclub Boston is the venue you have been watching out for! It is nothing less than a sophisticated and an upscale night-out spot, which is situated at Randolph, Massachusetts. The location is very convenient to Boston. The experienced management and staff are always ready to serve your individual needs. The parking is free and plenty. Vincent’s is arguably one of the most awe-inspiring and paramount nightclubs in the area of Greater Boston. The venue also extends one of the finest bottle services and VIP lounges in the area. It is also equipped with 10 LED screens for catching the latest music videos, sports games, as well as slideshows related to the upcoming events.

5. Royale Boston

Royale Boston is one of the mega-clubs of Boston having up to the minute elegance and classic beauty mix for creating a unique, provocative, exotic, and gorgeous nightlife experience you can ever think of. The grand and beautiful staircase together with a picturesque and awe-inspiring balcony bring the stylish elements to a club environment. People who are young at heart are always dancing like crazy within the club. So, come prepared to hit the dance floor with your glass of beer in hand! In addition to that, the diligent, friendly, and polite staff of Royale is always there to help you out when needed and asked. They ensure your night in Royale to be one of the best night outs of your life. The prices of everything are quite reasonable as compared to other similar clubs in the town. The balcony section has better privacy and a breathtaking view. The minimums of bottle service vary with respect to the number of individuals and the talent spinning in your party.

6. Venu Nightclub Boston

Venu Nightclub Boston is an exquisitely designed nightspot, which is evident in the skillfulness of one of the most renowned interior designers of JFS Design Studio – the John Stefanon. Venu Nightclub encompasses anything and everything the guests expect from a most paramount nightlife destination. Being established in the year 1999, Venu Nightclub just got famous instantly. It is nothing less than the most sought-after nightclubs in Boston for providing unmatched customer services. The management and staff of Venue Nightclub just go all-out in the efforts to make sure that all the patrons of the club leave with the most awe-inspiring and exuberant experience, which they will remember forever.

7. The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub Boston

The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub Boston is one of the most famed, loved, and paramount entertainment spots in Boston. With the best of vibrant nightlife and dining all under one umbrella, The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub has all the entertaining aspects as in food, cocktails, music, dance, ambiance, and live amusement one needs to experience for a massive time out. The Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub is one of the most terrific and exuberant places for dining on delicious, gastronomic, delectable, always fresh, and authentic Middle Eastern food and haute cuisine. Eat outside on the patio if the weather is pleasurable and to your liking. The casual inside dining room is most reclining and relaxing when the weather is hot outside.

8. Red Lantern Boston

Red Lantern Boston is Filled with antique statues and beautiful lanterns – the sexy, provocative, and gorgeous back-bay nightspot and restaurant that attracts the most stylish and cracking up young audience with an enchanting and exotic vibe is Red Lantern Boston. Guests come inside the venue through the custom oversized Asian doors as they find themselves in a vestibule, where they will enter via large Asian ceremonial doors in black lacquered from where they get inside the main atrium. The main room is nothing less than a sea of red and black decor, with hundreds of lanterns hanging on the ceiling. The main room is filled up with a few small as well as some bigger community tables. Separate seating for custom wok station and bar is also available. The back side is the private room for accommodating up to 40 guests. This room is also furnished by Chinese apothecary ornamentation as in large and small vials with fabric-lined ceilings for an elite and luxurious atmosphere.

9. Tunnel Boston 

Tunnel Boston is one of the most paramount, exuberant, and exotic nightclubs in Boston. It is nothing less than a pioneer, which has changed the nightlife of Boston for the better. Situated underneath W Boston is one of its kind venue Tunnel – that promises to alter the Boston’s club scene altogether with the best sorts of entertainment it extends. This exclusive and exciting club has established itself as the most loved and famed venue in Boston ever since it saw the light. People from all over Boston come to experience the unique fun that is on offer in Tunnel. Tunnel is welcoming for all and sundry. Everyone is offered with something they like exclusively.

10. The Greatest Bar Boston

The Greatest Bar Boston is of the most unique and exuberant entertainment venues in Boston – comprising of three unique and separate spaces spreading over four distinct levels. The venue seems nothing less than the celebration of most of the GREATEST aspects of the rich history of Boston in politics, entertainment, architecture, and sports. Watching out for your favorite teams playing? The 14’ flat-screen TV in the Sports Bar is there for you. Or looking for the electrifying music and dance? The state-of-the-art and best host and DJs ultimate in nightlife entertainment, are there to make your night like no other.

11. The Grand Boston 

The Grand Boston  is nothing less than a pioneer in extending ultra-modern and up to the hour trends in today’s nightlife in Boston. The Grand goes beyond and completely transcends the conventional nightlife experience on all levels. You are welcomed by the opulent entrance of The Grand as you enter the venue. With the open-glass staircase, leather and plush accents, LED walls, custom-kinetic lighting and sound systems, lustrous bar areas, one of a kind dance floor, private spaces, VIP seating, WiFi and phone charging stations; The Grand Boston brings up all the stuff that makes it stand out amongst its contemporary nightlife spots in the town. The place is as majestic and grand as its name.

12. Icon Nightclub Boston

Icon Nightclub Boston has arguably re-defined the concept of partying as in open bars, thirst-quenching champagnes and cocktails, mouth-watering food, and live DJs. Tufted chandeliers and banquettes set the epic musical nights with the miscellaneous and diverse music landscape including Progressive, Hip Hop, House, Techno, Electronic Dance, and many more. Party like the nightlife queens and kings with private sections, mixers, personal bartenders, and VIP service. Icon Nightclub prides itself in hosting the best events and parties happen in Boston. The venue has established itself as one of the top-notch nightlife entertainment clubs around the town. People from all walks of life come here to enjoy one of its kind clubbing experience.

13. Ned Devine’s Boston

Ned Devine’s Boston  is an Irish Pub and the only bar and restaurant of Faneuil Hall that extends modern and up to the minute lively nightlife and pub dining. The pub menu is inspired by the city favorites that involve award-winning and mouth-watering clam chowder, gastronomic flatbread pizzas, and hearty food concoctions. Nights of Fridays and Saturdays have Live music on offer for exciting, electrifying, and exuberant nights in the busiest Quincy Market in Boston.

14. Cure Lounge Boston

Cure Lounge Boston is considered as one of the sexiest night spots of Boston. The vibe of the place is fun and entertainment. People have a good time here. The venue fills up so quick that you need to show up no later than 12 at night. Otherwise, your wish to have a fun-filled night will go in vain. Cure Lounge has the world’s most delectable beverages, cocktails, and drinks on offer. The menu is a little too pricey for a night out. The venue is solid if you are watching out for some potential spot for throwing a private birthday party.

15. Empire Boston 

Empire Boston is a 14K sq.ft. Asian restaurant and lounge that situated right in the seaport region of Boston. This awe-inspiring and gastronomic spot is just a few steps away from the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Empire Boston is operated by an award-winning group named Big Night Entertainment Group. The restaurant extends a stylized interior, ethereal atmosphere, exquisite ambiance, and a well crafted and tantalizing menu; all of which transport the guests and visitors to another make-believe and dreamy world. The restaurant has a capacity of three 40-seats private dining areas which open to one colossal private event zone. Empire Boston is capable of hosting 600 guests at one given time and can make room for the groupings of all the sizes for seated dinners and receptions.

16. Kingston Cuts Boston

Kingston Cuts Boston is one of the most loved food venues in Boston – serving the bistro cuisine in the townish and old-world environment. There are many different and miscellaneous areas in Kingston such as a bar, cafe area, dining room, and a lounge where guests can recline and relax while enjoying the most gastronomic food experience. Mouth-watering food menu, thirst-quenching champagne and cocktails, most exuberant and exotic ambiance, and top-notch service of the acquiescent and dutiful staff, are all the elements that set the stage of Kingston Cuts in providing a most memorable and glorious Boston dining experience to the guests. People come from far off places just to have a reclining time away from their monotonous and tiring routine life.

17. Bijou Nightclub Boston

Bijou Nightclub Boston proves that there is a great audience with a taste for the posh and lavish places as well. With the slick and smooth leather couches, shrewd neon lights, roaring and thundering music that is a blend of club, electronica, and techno – Bijou Nightclub and Lounge has taken the clubbing experience to a whole new level. The venue seems to be transported to the exclusive L.A. lounge or NYC. Not only the resident talent, but also the globally-acknowledged guest DJs, musicians, and artists come here to play, dance, and perform. Bijou Nightclub prides itself in hosting DJs and artists from all around the world on specific weekdays and most weekends.

18. 2Twenty2 Boston 

2Twenty2 Boston  is one of the most paramount spots in Boston that extend both the gastronomic restaurant and the exuberant nightclub under one roof. The name of the venue originated as it is situated at 222 Friend Street, Boston M.A. People from far off areas come here to enjoy a lavish day as well as elite night experience. You need not look beyond 2Twenty2 if you are a food maniac! You need not look further than 2Twenty2 if you are a club fanatic! This is what the 2Twenty2 is all about!

19. Down Nightclub Boston

Down Nightclub Boston is an awe-inspiring and chic club located in the heart of Boston. The location is exceptionally unique and exuberant because Down Nightclub is just downstairs at Howl At The Moon. Down Nightclub is arguably one of the most affordable clubs in Boston. Guests at Down, are pleased to get the drinks and cocktails, which are stronger and typically cheaper as compared to its similar nightclubs in the town.

20. Good Life Boston 

Good Life Boston has two chummy bars upstairs featuring the rotating displays of the abstract paintings and art by native artists while providing a good space for people to flirt and mingle. Though the venue is not too big, however, the ever-altering action and miscellaneous crowd extend an easygoing environment that invites the impromptu and improvised dance-offs as well as all-in drunken revelry.

21. Machine Nightclub Boston

Thumping bass spread through a room illuminated by multi-color lights and filled up with whirling bodies – this is Machine Nightclub Boston. If you are watching out for exuberant music and exotic dance, then there is no venue better than Machine Boston to hit the dance floor. Inaugurated in 1998, Machine Boston has attracted a miscellaneous and faithful following. Although the club is particularly for gays, however, people of all sexual orientations seem to take advantage of the vibrant and sublime dance party climate. It is the kind of place where fun-lovers and open-minded come for partying.

22. Club eNVy Allston Boston 

Club eNVy Allston Boston is a luxurious and swanky nightclub, having a chic, voguish, and metropolitan design. Located right in the heart of Allston – Club eNVY Allston is one of its kind venue that extends once-in-a-lifetime night out and clubbing experience. The place is situated 10 minutes away from Downtown Boston that attracts upscale and young clientele to its charm.

23. Legacy Nightclub Boston 

Legacy Nightclub Boston is situated in Tremont Street, which is a hub of many legendary venues extending best of Boston’s nightlife for the last two decades. Legacy Boston was originally opened as a Jukebox in the year 1982. Its basement served as one of the hottest and sexiest nightclubs at that time in Boston. Opened 365 nights a year until 2001 – Legacy Nightclub prides itself as the longest running club in the history of Boston.

24. Garage Boston

Garage Boston is space originated from a former garage. Situated only 10 minutes away from beautiful Downtown Boston – Garage Boston attracts upscale and young clientele while filling the area with the high-end cars, which make it even more popular as a garage. This VIP-oriented night zone is all about the passionate and beautiful people who are young at heart. Garage Boston is all about the exuberant theme nights and the most popular theme is the Latin Night on Friday, when DJs and artists from both NYC and Boston spin a blend of Merengue, Reggaeton, Bachata, and Salsa. If you are fearing the Monday’s return, the day-party named ‘Detox Sundayz’ is the most paramount way for delaying the reality a bit.

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